Good Run Of Bad Luck Today, Ugh!

“Gloom, despair, and agony on me. Deep, dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. Gloom, despair, and agony on me” :joy::rofl: Well, wouldn’t ua just know it, today, the laptop died. Yeah, the laptop that I use for pretty much everything. Obviously, content across the board is down and out until I can get this one fixed or get something else to replace it. Channel revenue at the first of the month is pretty much non existent, so could be a few weeks unfortunately. Life is full of surprises, one minute they are good, the other they are bad. I guess the bright side is, you can’t have one without the other, right? :joy::heart::rofl:


Damn it man. I hate that shit! That’s why I buy a new one every 3 years wether I need one or not… :laughing: Good luck.


well, thing is, thisi is my 2nd one if about 3 years :joy::rofl: life of a content creator is super hard on em is all. my wife has had the same exact one for about 4 years now and it is still clipping along fine. no, what i am going to do, once i can get dug out from this setback anyway, is work on getting a backup on hand. so if things go down, i have spare parts or whatever, can just swap some things over and keep on rolling. so ultimately, my fault for not recognizing the need for that last time it was replaced


Gotcha. I take the old one on the road too just in case…


If that haunts me the rest of the day I’ll hunt you down and…


I remember your last death, think I shared with you the missing keys on mine too, which is the same one still, more keys missing, and I can share the model if you care

But no matter the model a must is to regularly open them up and blow them out, like a refrigerator you must clean the dust out or they wont cool

Have you ever watched any of the YT videos of how a non cooled processor will blow up, literally?

They run HOT and dust build up keeps them from cooling properly , keep an ear out, you hear that fan kicking in more than normal look at why, same as you would driving your car

Now I do have the exact model in standby, kept charged so the motherboard battery don’t die and I try to keep a system clone up to date, my disc drive was removed and replaced with a separate dock for a duplicate drive so if something does go I hope to not have to suffer what you just did, as that’s a mega suck, no envy, hope you get going quick, I don’t use RAID as those still leave you vulnerable to other causes of total failure but instead use a clone software

Its a manual backup and I try to do one at least every six weeks.


yikes, I wait until its almost a forced at gunpoint situation, I HATE new software, I’d of not given up XP if it wasn’t required to do so


gonna just answer all your questions here by saying i am an ex MCSE, A+, Net+ certified tech who owned an IT business for 18 years :joy::rofl:


Them Chinese girls are making them as fast as they can.


Me too. Didn’t switch to 10 until forced too. Still don’t allow it to update to 11 and won’t. I usually always buy one more time at the end of the OEM cycle to carry me into well into the next good version if needed. This method has kept me from being bitten by ME or Vista.


Still have an XP machine around here somewhere. The upgrade to 10 bricked one of my laptops. 11 isn’t too bad but I still miss XP.


Yep still have a XP too and 2 10s. Waiting on the 11 though.