Good thoughts on BAD Levers


BAD levers, as with almost any aftermarket part, change the dynamic of the platform. At that point it is no longer platform “X” it is something different, that requires retraining and new horizons of platform understanding. If you’re still trying to run the platform like you did in its previous state, and you have issues, that’s not the platforms fault. Of course there will be failures. If you buy a box of screws because someone says they’re better than nails, would you still use a hammer to put them in? I agree with @switchpod in that if you’re not going to learn it, take it off, get rid of it, and go back to what you know.

I started on AR platforms, had a brief stint with AK’s and even had to lug a G36 around or a bit. Once I got over the fact that they’re not AR’s, all my “issues” began dissolving. Eventually I felt as proficient with my new platform as I did my previous. My wife and I have three significantly different cars and two significantly different motorcycles. I don’t complain that I can’t drive my hunting Jeep the same as my wife’s fem-nazi Subaru.

I too started using BAD levers when they first came out. I used Magpul, Phase5 and Tactical Link. I agree that not all devices work on all rifles. I did a lot of mix and matching, and trial and error. I too still have some unused levers in my parts bin. Some rifles kept the BAD some did not.

My grief with the BAD levers, and other bolt on parts, is their requirement to be bolted on after the fact. Having had an extensive background in different platforms, I was spoiled by the integrated features provided by the Swiss and German engineers. About three years ago I swore off ever buying another AR, and set out to design my own. I wanted everything that all the foreign “boutique” weapons provided, but I wanted them with the familiar ergonomics of an AR. Every part on your rifle has a tolerance of failure, some smaller than others. Those designed specifically for your rifle have even a smaller chance to fail. If you have to bolt a part to a part, then you have to deal with tolerance stacking. That could essentially double the failure likelihood of that function.

Respect it for what it is, and don’t latch on to visions of grandeur of what it isn’t. I’m in full support of anyone removing anything that is grieving them with functionality issues. I’m also in full support of anyone taking advantage of a technological evolution to enhance their performance. I’m not really taking sides in either way, just agreeing with both points of views.


I would also like to point out that the instructor who advised me against using a BAD lever really pushed the KISS principle and was also advising some cops there on how they should consider setting up their rifles. Im pretty sure there are more “dynamic” instructors that push using the latest grestest gadgetry in the AR world(such as Travis Haley, Chris Costa etc) so it really is upto to the person to balance the risk to reward they are getting out of it.


@ARNWRKR, MEGA TWINS awesome rifle 2 times👍


As a LE rifle instructor, I would be comfortable flopping either way. If the student was new to rifles, I’d probably refrain from pushing them toward an “enhanced” rifle. Same if the student had “X” installed, and that was causing issues. I’d suggest/assist in removal of “X” before continuing.

I will be the last person to poopoo an accomplished rifle operator or his gear, especially if he isn’t having any issues with “X”. I trust that there are some who can train past barriers that others have yet to cross.


It takes people willing to train though, from what ive seen and been told alot of us civies and even alot of cops dont really train much ,if at all(outside of qualifications for cops). I would never advise people who are new or dont train much to add more chit to the mix. I feel ,at least for myself that keeping it simple and refining the basics gets better results.


There is a metric-shit-ton of truth here.

I suck at emoji things… so just imagine a big, double, thumbs up!


I have never had an issue with the Phase 5 or the Magpul unit. But I see plenty of guns that have had issues with them. I run a full ambi LWRC myself… but I have a few fun guns that have them on them. I am not a fan of a lot of bolt on crap on any weapon. Snags or other problems are just that. But I do like the BAD levers to locking BCG back.


Free will/ arrogance’s is a hard thing to over come for the most part.[quote=“Robocop1051, post:28, topic:7160”]
There is a metric-shit-ton of truth here.

I agree 100% with this!

As a past instructor this was a hard factor to over come. Students would come in an try to show me how they shoots??? Dude you came hear… try to learn something.

The other hand is a group of alphas! It’s hard to get there attention.
What worked for me is let the war story’s subside “wait for the lull” I would stand up raise my AK47 and shoot a 12”x12” target at 300 yards, heat the “ping”… now I have your attention.
Nothing focuses a class like “I want to do that” teach me!


Holy smokes do I see this in the shop even… I try to diplomatically explain this or that, and inevitably I get “my buddy is a Navy Seal… and he says…”
Hey, I am not knocking any NAVY SEAL… but holy crap, I have met more than one and I can tell you as a professional gun smith that they are not Gods and they do not know everything. Especially about weapons. Like how to build them or do advanced maintenance.
In either case… the ignorance shines through so I smile… because I know damn well they are just bullshitting me anyway.


Who are you responding to? Ive taken classes under legit instructors that can be verified. The btdt guys are not gods but some do have alot to teach in terms of using guns in a serious context.
I got my info from an actual instructor at a class not a gunshop though. I dont agree with everything an instructor says but I do take into consideration what is being taught in the same way I would listen to an Electrician when it comes to working on electrical or a plumber working on plumbing. Again, to each his own.


I’ve discovered its not always about someones ability to teach as it is someones ability to listen,

Sometimes the little retired lady can offer up more than the working expert


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To quote you can highlight it like to copy but the option will appear in a grey box underneat te copy option.
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This is true, as long as the old lady has experience wit what she is talking about. Ive always believed everyone has something teach if you are willing listen.