Good trigger for Glock27


I’ve got nine hand guns. Three HK’s, three Sig Sauer’s & three CZ’s. 45ACP, 40S&W & 9mm. I’m playing with a Royal Flush hand but what is missing is a custom built Glock. Even tho I have a Glock19. It is a Gen 2 and I want it to stay original. So, I am building my GTW or CQB Glock. It will be a G27! I said all of that because I DO NOT wanna hear get this or you should get that! What I wanna hear is WHAT TRIGGER should I be considering for this build?! I need responses ASAP! Because I am ready to purchase.


What do you want out of the trigger? Short take up? Adjustable take up? Solid wall before breaking? Short reset? Definitive reset? Curved or flat face? Competition weight? Carry weight? You need to be a little more specific about your requirements. I will say that I “personally” like the Haley skimmer trigger for a good all around set up. It’s no race gun trigger, but it’s certainly much better than factory. It’s based off of a factory trigger, just tuned up real nice.


Ok. First of all thanks for the reply. To answer that question, since I really can’t have it all. I’m gonna say just a overall better trigger. However, I can honestly say right off rip. If the CMC trigger was colored then hands down I would be installing that. I have a 3.5lb in my 300BO & I love it. Oh I forgot to mention that I want a colored trig. Black shoe/red safety. Flat. Less travel & short reset. Don’t really know if I’d like to have a soft lb pull, say like a Walther PPQ. That might be scary considering what I’m building it for. Your take?