Google ' spy bots' are required if you use this forum


Please excuse a complaint as my first post here, but I am dismayed to see that Google java scripts and/or apps are required to be allowed to run to even view this forum, much less post on it.

Given that Google owned YouTube is now purging some firearms related channels, and demonetizing other very popular ones, and there is even a video on the current first page of FULL30 videos talking about that, I think this is a timely discussion.

And the main site uses them too, although thankfully, there, you can view the videos even if you block the google app.

When are people going to realize that google is the enemy, and start NOT using their apps to make their websites functional? If you have a google-analytics app, or pretty much any google script or app, they gather data on everything you look at, how long you look at it , and even how your mouse moves while on the page and any keystrokes you make.

Nearly every major website on the internet, Including ones who should know better now uses anywhere from one to a hundred Google scripts / apps , and some of the sites will not show you ANYTHING until you allow the google crap to run.

I severed a 30 year , $2,000 to $10,000 dollar a year relationship with Midway a few months ago when they went to not showing you anything unless you allow the ‘spy-bots’ to run.

Especially on firearms related sites, the site owners do a disservice to their users if they use anything from Google. I block all google apps and scripts on my computer, as a default, and have to go to some significant effort to allow them to run, so I won’t even be looking into this forum or even this thread very often, at least until changes are made.


i have to agree that google-analytics(DOT)com has NO business being here at Full30, or anywhere for that matter.


Thanks for responding.
I warn about this ‘everywhere’ that I go, but no one seems to care that nearly their every move is monitored and recorded by people who consider them (especially those of us who are interested in firearms) to be their enemy.


The real problem is the proliferation of the Google brand within analytics and internet informatics.

Google has one of the most efficient algorithims connected to one of the largest databases and a massive market presence.

Microsoft is usable right now, they aren’t getting as political as Google yet.

What we really need is some non-disarmist IT people to start working on something neutral.


Learn something every day… how would someone even go about starting to learn about these type of things operating in the interwebs




The first step is to get an earlier version of firefox browser (not the current version), or one of its clones… I like “PaleMoon”… And install the "NoScript add-on. Set it up to block everything at first… and just start wandering around your favorite sites. There will be a pop-up bar of all the java scripts and apps that are trying to load.

Some of them are benign; If it is a reputable site, the ‘local’ ones are usually OK to let run. The others, you might want to study a bit before you let them run. Some are merely ad servers and it is up to you if you want to let them run. (some people think that running their ad-blocker protects them from spying, but it does not, it only blocks ads, but lets the ‘spy bots’ run.

I wish I knew of a good link to give you to learn about this topic, but I don’t know of one. I learned about it little bit by little bit over the years.

The “Brave” browser has some built in defenses against the ‘Spy bots’, but I don’t find it as easy to use, nor as detailed in its actions as NoScript.


Sometimes you fight fire with fire, and don’t it beat all when you get burned buy your own fire?or does somebody have a world wide web in their back pocket? No, didn’t think so.Its becoming very clear that (the power that be) own internet and control FB,yt guugle and the like.The enemy’s of freedom don’t like the deplorable gun owners useing their Network.Bummer for them,so sad!:cry: righteous resistance is obedience to God!(and I’ll bet that don’t make their day either).


Just run a VPN. Works great.


“Just run a VPN. Works great.”

Sign for 2 years and it is 3.33 a month.



A VPN can hide your IP address. It doesn’t hide you from the browser ‘spy bots’, which collect thousands of data points over your entire browsing history which then can be collated and analysed to identify everything about you. As soon as you sign in to a website with your real email address, use a credit card to buy something online, sign into facebook, pay a utility bill etc. they have you completely identified., and your hidden IP is meaningless.


I have three I run in unison on my PC. I run an onion router on my mobile.


You see: I told you they were evil:

The video, shared internally within Google, imagines a future of total data collection, where Google helps nudge users into alignment with their goals, custom-prints personalized devices to collect more data, and even guides the behaviour of entire populations to solve global problems like poverty and disease.

Video Here:

And yet most of the firearms related info channels and equipment and supplies sellers continue to require Google bots to use their websites. It is suicidal.



What do you think of Tor Browser? I hear it’s slow but doesn’t track you.


Using TOR just gets you more attention from the NSA… They assume that you are up to something illegal…And if you use it for any site that you have an account , like say g-mail or facebook or twitter or amazon, they will know who you are as soon as you log in.

As far as I am aware the only ting Tor is good for is making it harder for ‘them’ to know your current IP address when you are looking at a website any given moment.


Oh no, im offended, please delete that …no wait im not infected with the e-virus so who cares.


The dark web is a crazy place.


they are not required. i have them blocked and the site seems to work.
add this to your host file found @ C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

then run this in console
ipconfig /flushdns

this will make contact with impossible.
some routers can block websites as well.

but i do agree. i don’t like being tracked, and feel google-analytics should be removed from the site.