Gordo saying hello


Joined back in March and just now got around to an introduction post. Robert had to give me a gentle nudge to remind me to post an introduction. I didn’t realize that moving up in trust level would unlock more stuff.

I’m just a regular guy who loves firearms and shooting. Eventually I started filming the stuff I was doing at the suggestion of a friend. Now it’s just fun to film different things and see what I can come up with.


pfft, what you call gentle nudge makes me happy you weren’t difficult :joy:

Thank you very much for the hello!



Great to have you here. A lot has changed since you join


Welcome back El Gordo.
May we (or I) call you “El” Gordo? It just sounds right.

This place has changed a lot since you joined. Quite a lively and knowledgeable bunch. Join the fun.




I don’t care if you call me El Gordo. It sounds kind of funny.
I do tend to lurk so I haven’t been totally inactive since I joined, I just never did an introduction post.


Ah well… lurking is mysterious. El Gordo sounds mysterious.

Anyway, cool.


Welcome to Full30…


Found his Full30 channel, be sure to subscribe.


Welcome, gordoboom.

Full30 is the fun place to be.


Looking forward to viewing your videos.


Bienvenidos, El Gordo.


Welcome Gordo!


Welcome @gordoboom
Great to have you here!