Got a little lead


Just got 40 pounds of lead. That should make a lot of bullets so long as I don’t make too many 700gr. Although I need to get a 660gr mold for reloading .50bmg


you going to go get some wheel wieghts to throw in the pot too?


If I can find some, I will


We can’t even use lead wheel weights any more. Damn shame.


They’re getting hard to find.


duh, next time you were at Walmart, there’s a whole parking lot full of them wheel weights


I worked at a news paper in high school and when they switched from linetype I snagged 300 lbs.


What is that? Lead rope?
That would have been great during the mob years. Just tie em up and drop em overboard. No need to wait for the concrete boots to dry.


Looks like lead pipe.


Back in the early spring I put back another 500+ lbs. of wheel weight ingots and around 60 lbs. of Linotype muffins into the stash. I probably have more bullets cast up than I’ll use till next spring but it’s nice to not have to worry about bullet for all my rifles and handguns.


I need more lead. The other day I orders a mold for 9mm 124gr flat point. Also picked up 1000 primers to get some 9mm loaded. I’ll be doing that after I finish 1200 rounds of .223. I will be busy loading after my surgery on Thursday.


good luck with your surgery, Tactical_Reviews.