Got Wood for your AR?




Where can you buy that at? I like the stock


The photo is a link


I want wood…


Thats what she said…


There’s a little blue pill for that I hear!


That is sick bro. Wow, I am really interested in that now. I love how wood furniture looks. I know, I’m asking for alot but I would love to see a wood kak shockwave pistol brace and wood collapsible stock.


always been a wood guy, I like.


Those look fantastic.


Beautiful stuff.
Wonder how Feinstein would respond to an AR that wasn’t scary looking.

Might overload her two neurons.


I always get wood when I shoot my AR. Oh…uhh…hmm…never mind. Sorry, too much information. :laughing:


On a serious note, that stock set is gorgeous. I just had a vision of black walnut on my AR…and now I have wood again. :rofl:


Somebody Call??? oh wait that type of wood. lol


Well shit, now i have to buy another AR :thinking:


Replacing the black stuff with that nice looking wood should confuse all those folks who are afraid of ARs.


Isnt that what the mini 14 is for? I think Bill Ruger tried that.


I have t really seen a wood Ar


Not sure if any of you have seen these but this is the only wood I have seen
This is a califas nomad by jjfu
A California legal AR


Lucid makes the best AR wood (last time I checked).

Here’s my Colt/Armalite National Match rifle, all dressed in wood.


Pretty nice wood there