Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy



I’m only halfway through and this is phenomenal :clap:

Here’s the next president :+1:




Wont say I agree with all his reasons but the culture change he is dead on.
Young people do and get away with things when I was young you would be ostracized for.
Social Media such as FB and Twit rules these younger generations lives to the exclusion of all other things.
When I walk through my work area (Office atmosphere) I look into the different cubicles.
I see faces in phones, and texting or watching some video.
FB on the screen and folks commenting on the latest meme.
And then complaints about how they don’t have time to do their jobs.
Or God forbid the cell rings. It will take NUMBER ONE priority over all other things.
Additionally you see the press crucify a LE officer or individual before the true facts are known.
The Kentucky Student incident recently is proof.
Our culture has gone to crap and must be built up again.


Agreed, however, technology prohibits this. It is precisely technology that has exacerbating the problems we see today.


The big question is, what is the reset button? Politicians have divided us and created this mess , how in the hell are they going to fix these issues and why would they when they are the ones that caused it all?

The only chance here is if the states start pushing for state law > federal law …last time this was attempted it resulted in the civil war where more Americans died then anyother war, including WW2. Seems the path to freedom requires blood because us humans are too fucking stupid to leave well enough alone, imo.


^ Agree with this 100%. Perhaps maybe its time for something like this.


The Confederates tried it and they had one of the greatest American generals.


This man was absolutely dead on first for castigating the pompous bitch, second for saying the problem was cultural. Looking at reducing all the buffoonery is like waiting for the smoke to clear to see the effect on an adversary. When one gets to really identify the problem, it starts with children not behaving to our desired norm for children, for this it becomes poor parenting, yes? Who then get older with older poor behaviors that are harder to deal with due to better use of tools to hurt people they imagine have slighted them.
This is culture 101, the Governor said same issues 50 years old, how many laws put into effect but have not stopped the problem. Please overlook my poorly worded thoughts but I am in good company.


Spot on.


I have liked him since I sent money from Texas to Kentucky when he tried to unseat McConnell several years ago. He is correct with this being a culture problem. What it is not, is the government’s job to “fix” this. They need to stop being in the way.


Technology isn’t the problem.
How we use it is.
We need to learn how to use it in our favor (Such as this forum) and change how others view it.
I am very vocal to others about my views of cell phones and social media.
To the point that if I am trying to help someone and that cell rings you better think twice about knee jerking to see what it is.
Slowly folks in my area have learned.
I have many times walked out mid conversation when they jumped to that cell ring.
To their shock I chastised them when they came back for my help.
I troubleshoot and teach folks Logistics and the systems they use for the Air Force one on one.
It is funny to see the look on someones face when they knee jerk and I walk out leaving them hanging.
Talk about Shock and Awe.


Great video! I love how he called out that smug, intolerant, eye-rolling libtard in the audience. Right on!


That is absolutely the problem in this country/ world. I believe that Senator Bevin has hit the nail on the head.




I agree 101%
Reality is the scumbags out breed us responsible law abiding taxpayers.

Look at any dnc shithole. Their evil actions spreads like a runaway cancer. My hometown of Newark NJ has RUINED EVERY TOWN AND CITY around it with crime violence and murder.
That’s the future. Plan accordingly.
I’m so sorry. But those who forget history…


Did Rome fall…or do we use Roman numerals because they are cute?



and for more cuteness

a 200yo definition

civil law, in a general sense, the law of a state, city or country; but in an appropriate sense, the Roman empire, comprised in the Institutes, Code and Digest of Justinian and the Novel Constitutions.

be sure and protect those Civil rights