Grandfather of Oklahoma teen killed by homeowner in burglary says AR15 made for...


Nobody ever said stupidity was fair.


total cost for a moment to stupidity - $2.16 or less, savings to state and federal budget enormous
The Grandfather should now be charged for failure to prevent procreation,


So according to Granddad the homeowner should automaticly assume that 3 men breaking into his house are only carrying brass knuckles and would never dream of hurting a fly. No one could ever beat you to death with brass knuckles, or their own knuckles for that matter. What makes that homeowners life less important than his grandsons? What is he going to tell that mans parents when they visit him in the hospital or bury him. “Oh I’m so sorry. My grandson just made a stupid mistake and I want to thank you for sacrificing your son for him.” Yeah, that makes me feel better.

~end rant~


There is no such thing as a fair fight. You fight to win .


Hey Grandpa, Raise them Stupid and they don’t last long…


What an asshat.
Break into my house and see what happens…I’m damn sure not going to politely ask the multiple individuals (disparity of force btw) if they have any weapons or intend to do harm to me or my family. The act of breaking into a home especially when done by multiple individuals, shows an immediate intent to do harm to anyone who gets in their way as far as I’m concerned. And should be dealt with accordingly…and btw, there is no such thing as a “fair” fight. Win with whatever it takes.


Three punks break into an old man’s house and see shot and killed. This guy is a hero. Not only did he protect himself and his property, but he also removed three threats from his neiborhood.


I have a sign on my front window…“Nothing in my home is worth your life! Owner is Armed!”


How many languages?



Is it tragic that there are three dead teenagers? Yes
Is it the fault of the man who shot them? Not in the least
He will have to live with the fact that he took 3 lives. That cannot be an easily rationalized situation, even if everything you did was right. I hope to never find myself in that situation, even though I prepare for it.

I have heard it said that “If you are in a fair fight, your tactics suck.”


If grandpaw ever met three home invaders with brass knuckles, he might have a different view on the subject.


When my grandmother turned 82 I asked her what was the secret to living a long life. She simply replied don’t do stupid stuff. :thinking:


Good lord. The LAST thing you should expect if three on one come and break into your house is a “Fair Fight”.

“Now you boys come at me one at a time and I’ll just set my glasses down so you’re all blurry and then we’ll take gentlemenly turns boxing. I have boxing gloves in the basement if you need to borrow some. Marquis of Queensbury Rules - everyone agree? Ready?”

How stupid a comment. Fair is I sit on the couch peacefully and you stay in your home not robbing anyone.


From what I have been told about my grandfather on dad’s side it would take three with brass knuckles to make it a fair fight.


My Grandpa was in the Army of Occupation after WWI and I do remember what he taught me for when it is NOT a fair fight. Eyes, knees, throat. Because all men instinctively protect the groin.


Forgot nose ,ears and hair. You get a hand full of any of them you can control what happens next.


If he’d shot the intruders with a .22, we’d still be reading this same Bullshitarticle minus the AR agenda.

I’d say 3 against 1 isn’t fair, grandpa! :roll_eyes:

When you break into someone’s home…you get whatever the homeowner chooses to defend him/herself with. You’re engaging in a criminal act. You don’t get a say in how your victim (I hate that word but, oh well) responds. You’re the bad guy. This is ludicrous! Garbage!


Absolutely brother. Spot on right there!



Shouldn’t the sign say "Anything and Everything in my home is worth your life if you try to take it! Owner is Armed and Ready!’



2ndamend%20pic%201 this is my sign :slight_smile: