Grandfather of Oklahoma teen killed by homeowner in burglary says AR15 made for...

The criminals weren’t looking for a fair fight, that’s why they brought a weapon and broke in at night trying for the element of surprise. That’s also why they came in a group instead of just one person.

The criminals wanted an advantage and picked the wrong house because the home owner was the one with the advantage.

Why should law abiding citizens be limited to the level of the criminals? Was the home owner supposed to call “time out” and ask the criminals what weapons they were armed with and arm himself with the weapon they brought?

Don’t want to get shot at? Don’t break into peoples homes in the middle of the night!



I know, that is how such signs are normally written - and they do get the message across. I was just thinking from the homeowner’s point of view instead of the criminal’s.


Bottom line!!!
…or any time of day/night!


Kids got what they were asking for, though they didn’t realize what they were asking for, and the grandfather is an anal sphincter. No wonder the grandkids got their come uppence, no proper upbringing. That’s partially on you granddad.

The kids all get Darwin Awards if they haven’t spawned. The granddad not even a honorable mention.