Great, Another Hammer Fired Striker Pistol

And we all thought SIG had issues
Baltimore County police are replacing its officers’ guns that have now been shown, on video, to fire when they shouldn’t.


SIG? Issues with their pistols? Nah… They 80 or 90% something, then let the end user be their beta-tester, to refine it all. With all the .gov contracts they’re raking in, they can afford it.

Remember the SMG trials last year?..


We blew this up on Here’s the SMG trials info,as it went down:

Then… THEN! There’s an award for a SOF Suppressor contract to… SIG. Go figure. We nailed that one, too. Read all about it:

Coincidence? Nope, no such thing. Not even close to a coincidence. SIG is just eating up that Big Army D…


Sig dosnt seem to know what QC is. The US branch has really ruined Sig’s reputation, imo.

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didn’t anyone notice the tap/rack/bang without the trigger on the FNS?


Yeah, just like throwing a SIG on the floor. BANG.


To be fair, Glock had those issues in the early 90’s but they manned up and admitted they made a mistake then fixed it. Also, the 70’s series 1911s used to have these issues right? Then the 80 series came along then people just started running titanium firing pins in the 70 series to make it “drop safe”… (which is a really dumb thing to call it since dropping a loaded gun is usually not very safe.


Sure. Show me the videos of those models doing this… Go dig 'em out, and post them up…

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Click the posted link
read the article than scroll down to

Baltimore County Police Chief Terrence Sheridan provided two reasons in his Emergency Justification for a Replacement Service Weapon dated Oct. 30, 2018. The first being a reported condition that could cause the FNS-40 pistol to delay fire under a very specific set of unlikely circumstances, originally reported by an Arizona police department. Under manipulation in a closed lab setting, the slide of the FNS-40 was moved out of battery at a very small and specific distance and the trigger was pulled. The pistol functioned as designed and did not fire.

However, it was discovered that if the trigger was held to the rear, the pistol could delay firing until the slide moved back into battery, or if force is removed from the trigger and the slide moves back into battery. FN has no knowledge of the condition ever occurring outside of a lab environment. Nevertheless, FN immediately addressed this potential condition with both the AZ department and BCPD by replacing the striker in each FNS-40, at no cost to either agency. FN subsequently posted a Service Bulletin to the public with an offer of a free striker upgrade for those who wished to send their pistol in.

and right below click on the video link “Safety Bulletin”


How? Those were taken care of before iternet videos were even a thing. All because its older dosnt mean it wasnt an issue.

Well, for the Glock it was actually a slam fire recall , not drop safty issues. 400,000 pistols or so were recalled. My bad though, I was wrong on the drop saftey Glock issues. The 70’s series 1911s had issues with “drop saftey” prior to switching to titanium firing pins. There are plenty of tests on it but it was already well out of circulation as a service pistol by the time the internet came around so the information would not be as widespread as Sigs issues. Sig USA is also is a pretty shitty company, they have no QC standards so overall the whole incident should not have been that suprising. Sig USA probably should not be awarded any military or LE contracts ,based on their track record, imo. I do think they comeout with some cool stuff and I really want them to go back to making good quality firearms but I highly doubt , unless they fire Cohen that we see a change. Anyways, here is some on the Glock recalls that I was talking about, again not drop saftey but still pretty bad. I will dig up some old drop safty tests on the 70 series 1911s, later.