Greatest survival tool ever invented


Always forgotten.
The greatest tool ever developed by the US Army.
It has so many uses the list is inexhaustible.

What is it?
You don’t know?
Hang your head in shame…



Can opener


A p38 can opener.


Damn it!

I was so close :grin:


Can opener. In all honesty I just use a knife. Just chew twice as much to help the metal slivers go down!


Yep. The good 'ol P-38.

One on my keychain since the mid 70’s


There are websites devoted to the uses of the P38.
It is rather amazing what they can be used for.
I disassembled a steering column with one myself at 0300 hrs in a parking lot when my lock tumblers fell apart.
BTW don’t carry a lot of weight on your key-chain…
And many other times it has come in useful.

It is an amazing little tool.
I do carry one on my key-chain too.


I’m guessing the dentist just loves you too, :grinning:


Oh yeah. And I have had my jaw re set and wired shut, but that’s another story!


Use one several times a week. On my key chain and in every survival box.


I thought it was a duel tail airplane.:wink:


I have one from the last case of "C"s I ever opened still on my key ring today.
Ive cleaned fish with it.

Since victor charlie liked to climb trees, and we had 100s of them, we would dip the blades in human doo-doo, and stick them in trees that were used for lookouts or sniping. Since a lot of them did not wear shoes, or long pants, when they climbed the trees, they would get nicked, infected, then die quietly in the jungle somewhere.

Like I keep saying, Until my generation is so feeble they can not right, a civil war of invasion
is not going to go well for the other side.


Another use!
Dont think I ran across that one before.