Greek special ops test PPQ

I posted this overhere just to compare it to the Elements & Gauntlet test. What do you guys think, are the tests comparable? The gun seems to be 100% reliable in this test. Although I never really warmed up to the PPQ as it’s just too jumpy for my taste.

I think @sonny has a crush on minuteman. he been bumpin his threads like crazy.

Type @Sonny Bring me my gun for more help

Or, not

00:00 Introduction.
02:23 In the Age of AI.
06:42 Part 1 - China has a Plan.
21:40 Part 2 - The Promise.
42:00 Part 3 - The Future of Work.
1:06:24 Part 4 - The Surveillance Capitalists.
1:32:28 Part 5 - The Surveillance State.