Greetings and Salutations from OR & Hungary


Looking to share gun related videos and other setups for Hungarian firearms and also general topics of interest.

Thanks for the invite and hope this grows successfully.


Welcome @prdubi
Great to have you here at Full 30!



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welcome to the forum
so what do you shot and your favourite drink?


Personal favorite TEOTWAWKI til the world comes to the end is my AMD65 with FEG receivered SBR.
2nd favorite is my LEO Australian L1A1.

Favorite drink is Un Emile Pontarlier Absainthe and my forever lounge drink is a singapore sling.20141016_153441


Welcome aboard
Lots of Kalashnikov goodness there


One of my very best pals and his brother were from Hungary.
When he first came to the US, the military draft was still in effect and he and his brother were drafted and sent guess where?
Yup back to the Hungary area in an army uniform…
It was the cold war and we had plenty of folks there.


Welcome to Full30 forum @prdubi Good to have you here. If I’m not mistaken, we have a section for the AK.

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I just don’t get it, he posts a gorgeous L1A1 and thats what you say :man_facepalming:



While I love the fal
I’m a diehard ak guy
I knew you would notice that


The cold war produced some sexy firearms.

I’m a huge believer in the capabilities of the AMD65 especially when an ultimak and Aimpoint is added to the equation.

David Fortier the gun writer himself stated to me that the optimum barrel length and usage of the 762AK is nearly 12.5 inch and then add the tightening down of the barrel with the ultimak, it helps counteract the barrel whipping and changes the harmonics.
It’s not subMOA accurate but with some Lapua brass match ammo, I’ve gotten pretty good 1 MOA to 1.5 with it 5 shots on my AMD.


I have one FAL, really want to get more.


so does this mean the possible ability to get parts?


Welcome to Full30. Glad to have you here. Hope you enjoy the forum.


üdvözlet, prdubi, to Full30 Forum.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome aboard!


FEG is coming back… I will make an announcement soon. Factory is up and running and we have plans…

that’s all I can say…coming soon.


Welcome fellow FEG fan!!