Greetings and salutations

No, no… please don’t get up, as you were.

Hello, Full30 Forum’ites. Was asked to come post an ‘introduction’ thingy and was told there would be cookies. But, I’m not really seeing any cookies. I’ve been around for quite some time (member since 11.12.2015), but have not participated in the forums nor realized there were separate profiles/accounts for them. Go figure.

First of all, “no”. My nickname has nothing to do with that ridiculously stupid music group. It’s from a cheesy 1986 Charlie Sheen movie that if you haven’t seen…you totally must:

The Wraith (1986):

I’ve a personal history on this whole Intarwebs thing going back to 1995. Back in 90s I worked for the InfoPop Corporation and lead a team of programmers who developed “the Internet’s first threaded message system”, known as the UltimateBB. Suffice it to say I know my way around a message forum in more ways than I care to admit. I tend to purchase domain names and deploy frivilous sites just for the fun of it. Case in point.

That domain name exists merely so when some retail outlet asks me for my email address I can give them "", and make them type it all out. I know…I know… it’s the little things in life that amuse me.

I’m a former Sergeant of Marines, served in the FMF active duty from 1994-2002. I’ve still armor piercing shrapnel from multiple HEDP rounds fired from a MK-19 in my body and some cool scars as consolation prizes. My last duty assignment was with the MWHS-2 G6 ISMO in Cherry Point, NC. I like long walks on the beach and…wait a minute, forget that part.

Career-wise, I’m an information security professional with over 24 years of experience in network architecture (routing, switching) and over the past 19 years have focused exclusively on network security (firewalls, intrusion prevention, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, etc.) I’m also a 5th Dan black belt in Taekwondo and have been a black belt since I was 16. I began taking martial arts when I was 12 and am a former member of the U.S. National Team - having trained at the Olympic Training Center and participated and represented the U.S. in various Pan AM, World Cup, Olympic Festivals, Team Trials, etc. Anymore, I go to Taekwondo classes each week and complain about how much stretching and sore muscles didn’t exist “back in my day”. You can also find me in several background scenes of the 1993 movie Gettysburg, too. I’ve bled on foreign soil, felt the sting of broken bones from armor piercing grenades, stood on platforms sporting Olympic rings, and even lost my keys once or twice.

As I like to include on various Internet profiles, “I’ve done things. Simply stand impressed.”

I’m really good at quoting movie lines in conversational form, remembering obscure details (trivia?) about contextually relevant items, procrastinating; remember that hard work often pays off over time but laziness pays off NOW! …and I spend a lot of time thinking about why there are signs that read, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” - but apparently going without pants is completely acceptable.

As you may have determined I’m incredibly sarcastic and a master of smartassery. A sense of humor is a must. If you are sensitive to such debauchery I’ll probably hurt your feelings at some point. I’m rather direct, straight forward, opinionated, and by no means always right, except when I am.

So, yeah… that’s my intro.

Hello. Now, who has those cookies?


You should fit right in here. Glad to have you.


and with that we become one more




I’ve seen it! Nothing like an 80 movie based around a Dodge prototype.

Me Too!

You will fit in perfect here!

Ok now that I am done with Block Quote hell.

First of all. Thank you for your service! and B. WELCOME! You will love it here.


Thank you, thank you… I’m here all week. Tip your waitress.


Holy cow that does look cheesy… I kinda wanna watch it…


It’s horrible. Wonderfully, amazingly, incredibly awesomely horrible.

I highly recommend it.


Welcome to Full30 @TheWraith Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Total 80’s movie. But the drunker you are, the better the movie gets.


So that’s it? That’s all you got?
It’s kind of ironic that a few months ago we had a 20 character minimum on a post.

Welcome to the forums. Thank you for your service. Avoid metal detectors and MRI machines, and we’re looking forward to your participation here.


Welcome to Hogwarts… no,no, that’s a different forum. Welcome to Full30 !!


Great intro!!!

My youngest brother served 24 years in the ‘Marine Corps Embassy Security Group’.
He’s been retired for approximately five years now.
He’s done many tours over his time served, I know that.

Currently lives in California, not far from Camp Pendleton and does a lot of fishing these days out of his boat.

Welcome to Full30 & thank you for your service!


Now, that’s an intro! Seems you’ll fit right in here and we look forward to more humor, love that. Also thank you for your service. Sorry you got some extra parts out of it.


Welcome! You know Marines are part of the Navy ? Jk lol


Yeah, the “Men’s Department” :wink:


:joy: I was expecting “Our Taxi” lol


In that case, I’ll defer to:

“Navy: Uber for Marines.”



that might be the funniest email ever. I can imagine trying to give it to somebody over the phone LOL


It’s fun to say in person. I setup an alias for each use, so there is a bestbuy@, a homedepot@, a dicksportinggoods@ (just kidding, I don’t shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods.)

STAFF: “Can we have your email for our records?”

ME: “Sure, it’s (Starbucks) at If I have to unsubscribe from this I’ll never spend another dollar here dot com.”

STAFF: (blank stare)

I’ve actually had them follow-up and ask, “Um, do you have like an gmail address or anything?”

No. No, I don’t.