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I’m what you might call a “firearms micro manufacturer”. I’m in the process of renewing my FFL/07 and NFA stamp as I let them lapse due to health reasons last year (2018).
This endeavor has led me down a path of constant and intensive self-study and hands-on projects and exercises since 2013. In addition to my previous years of Gunsmithing and Reloading experience; I’m now a proficient Machinist, CNC Programmer/Operator, CAD/CAM parts designer/programmer, TIG Welder and a bundle of supporting skills, procedures and functions (e.g. reading/producing drawings and blueprints). My prior 25 years of computer experience was extremely helpful in my continuing education (not to mention all the mathematics which is a big part of that). And I learn something new every single day…
I’ve been a gun enthusiast all my life starting with that first BB Rifle I had to sneak into the house and hide when I was child :-). Bought my first firearm when I turned 18, a Dan Wesson .44 Magnum Stainless wheelgun with 6” barrel. I started using this gun in NRA / IHMSA competitions a few years later. And of course, I had to learn how to disassemble / reassemble every new gun I acquired.
So here I am now, nearly ready to undertake a project to design and manufacture a small line of Suppressors after building 2 AR-10 pattern and 8 AR-15 pattern rifles all in different calibers.

Man, I could sure use some help!


Welcome to full30.


Welcome @aarw.steve
Glad to have you here with us!


Welcome to Full30 forum @aarw.steve Good to have you here. If there’s anything you need help with, let me know, I’d be happy to review any of your products.

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Welcome to the forum
Do you need help figuring out what calibers you haven’t covered yet? We’re always here to help you decide on your next build. :wink:


Welocme to the forum




Welcome to the forum! We hope you find a new home here!






Welcome from Indiana and thank you for your service. You are as busy as a one legged man at an ass kicking contest


Welcome from another Zonie!


Welcome! there is no cure for black rifle disease, only treatments.




Sounds like exactly the kind of help I need! :wink:

Sometime ago I came across a list of all known AR-15 supported calibers / cartridges and it was many pages long, so there’s certainly no lack of candidates.

Seriously, I’m considering a 5.45x39 as in AK-74 and perhaps beat the Russians at their own game!

Thanks for the welcome message.



Wonderful! Now I just have to start treatment for building / modding m1911 pattern pistols. Oh, and there is that Glock 23 Gen 3 (.40 cal) Im rebuilding in .357 Sig, upgraded internals and a nice Cerakoted two-tone finish. Are you SURE there’s no cure for these afflictions?!?!





If you want to get another large frame AR, there is always the 358 Yeti.

There is a thread on the 308AR forum trying to get a group buy for the important parts to build them and reload the cartridge. It’s the cartridge you didn’t know you needed. :japanese_ogre:


“If you want to get another large frame AR, there is always the 358 Yeti“

My last build was for the .45 Raptor cartridge on the AR-10 pattern. Based on the S&W .460 Magnum case with a rebated rim, this thing is a beast. It’s listed on ammoguide,com

So I was thinking of going lite on my next one, possibly for two gun matches utilizing the double-tap on every target technique. Perhaps the 5.45x39 (AK-74) round which I’ve seen used very successfully in the above application.
But the bottom line is customer demand. Every rifle I design and manufacture (build) has to be a unique, custom handmade creation that people want to own.