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Hello everyone, how are you all doing? My name is Victor, I’m a firearms enthusiast from Brazil and a great admirer of the 2nd Amendment freedoms enjoyed by many Americans across several states and I long for one day where we Brazilians will enjoy the same freedoms as you do. I’ve been here on Full30 since it’s inception and watch most of my firearms content here, doing my role in helping this platform thrive, succeed, and become a great viable alternative to YouTube.



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Welcome to the forum
I’ve been to Yiur country a few times
My wife is Brazilian



Welome! What do the firearm laws look like there in Brazil?



Welcome! I would like to see the whole Western Hemisphere enjoy gun rights.



Thanks for the help earlier and welcome!






Welcome @victorboris1
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Oh man, firearms legislation in a Brazil is a disaster. For starters there no concealed carry, or open carry, all centerfire weapons are limited in caliber to either up to .38 Special if revolver, or up to .380 ACP if pistol, shotguns need to have a minimum barrel length of 24 inches. No semi-auto sporting rifles with the exception of those chambered 22 Rimfire and the Army, the authority with the final decision on all firearms matters can arbitrarily ban calibers on a whim. You can only own up to 6 weapons and if chambered in a centerfire catridge, you can only buy 50 rds of ammunition for it each year, to keep it in your house, however you can buy and shoot as much as you want on the range provided you have the cash for it (ammo is really expensive buried under a mountain of taxes and CBC’s unending greed). You can buy up to 250 shotgun shells for each shotgun you might own, per month, so if you have one chambered in .410 and another in 20 gauge, that will be 250 rounds each. Now, when talking about 22 rimfire, the law authorizes you to purchase 300 rds each month of ammunition, per firearm.

All of that I just mentioned is for the common plebeian, law enforcement and military are subjected to far more permissive rules and have access to far better calibers, such 45 ACP and 40 S&W. Importing weapons is akin to swimming through a sea of red tape and can take more than an year for the army to approve the importation of the firearm. Most commonly coveted items are Glocks.

There’s also a special category of shooter called CAC, which is an Acronym in Portuguese for Hunter, Collector or Competitive Shooter. If you’re registered in the Army as a CAC Competitive Shooter, you’ll have access to all the calibers that law enforcement has, for handguns only, and you can own semi-auto sporting rifles in either 40 S&W or 30 Carbine. However, being a competitive shooter means you’re literally required by Army regulation to compete in a minimum amount of events each year. Being registered as a competitor means you can buy up to 750 rounds of ammo each month, for each weapon you own, or possibly more if you present a written justification for the Army.

Now, for the average joe to be able to buy a firearm, there’s a battery of requisites one must fulfill, all of the process handled by the Federal Police. You need to be employed, have a fixed residence, no criminal background, you must pass a psychiatric exam, take some gun safety classes and pass a practical shooting test where you’re required to demonstrate a minimum degree of accuracy as well as being able to take the gun apart, put it back together and properly handle it. This whole process however can be all in vain since the last step requires you to “justify” to the federal police agent the reason as to why you should be allowed the privilege to own a gun, but it’s a entirely subjective process with no reasonable criteria behind it, so a lot of people get their firearms permit application denied and are forced to sue the federal police in court in order to force them to issue the permit.



Wow, thats rough. At least they havnt turned into Maduro/Venezuela yet.



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Block all that out before any lefties read it :see_no_evil:



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Welcome to Full30, victorboris1.

Sorry you have to endure such restrictive gun laws. Hope you can someday enjoy more freedom.



Welcome @victorboris1 Glad you decided to join us on the Forum side of Full30! I find it interesting what REAL people in other countries opinions are instead of what the media tells us.

Maybe one day you can enjoy some more freedom with firearms. I would be interested to hear your story about the laws down there about firearms.



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I am married to a Brazilian. We travel to Sao Paulo often. What city do you live in?



I live in Goiânia, capital city of the State of Goiás.



Welcome Victorboris,
Sorry about your situation regarding the owning of firearms.
About the only way to gain freedom from a tyrannical regime is to just take it.
Like we did once upon a time.
And bless those who had the nerve to do it
It’s probably not as likely to happen today.
Best wishes for the future.