Greetings from Central Indiana!


Long time listener, first time caller. Been watching the videos since the beginning, but new to the Forum


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30, Roadie.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30 @Roadie Good to have you here.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.



Please share with us where you saw FULL30 so we can give credit to whomever shared :sunglasses:

Also check out the new user guide in the what to expect area for help with this type of forum, and…

If you haven’t responded to the green notification yet

There is a little :robot: “discobot” greeting that will walk you through a neat tutorial, and if follow it through the end you can get certified



Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome @Roadie
Great to have you here!



It was a Facebook post from Military Arms Channel






Welcome Roadie! Glad you are here with us.