Greetings from Michigan


Hello everyone. I recently joined the Full30 community, mostly for the video content.
I enjoy shooting, as well as the mechanics and history of firearms and weapons in general. I also enjoy most outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping.
Other hobbies include tech and video games, watch collecting, and cars/motorsports.
Glad to be here and hope to get and give a bit to the site.


Welcome @2fasst
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome to full30!


Welcome, @2fasst!


Welcome 2fasst.
What kind of cars and racing do you follow?
I once collected pocket watches, too.
A friend wanted to see an early 1900s railroad type pocket watch of mine
The kind with a windup key.
He had it for maybe two seconds and the works came flying out.
Somehow, I managed to grab it out of the air.
The look on the poor guys face was priceless.


I was considering posting Tactical_Reviews welcome post but eh,

I’ll just give a big


And invite you to check out the new user guide :wink:

Thanks for the intro post!


Welcome to the forum Brother.


Welcome to Full30 @2fasst Good to have you here. Don’t worry @Robert I got it.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


I was going to tell him ‘I love you’ but Im all out of ‘I love yous’ today.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to the forum @2fasst. Seems you’d fit in just fine around here. Hope you enjoy.


Welcome to Full30, 2fasst.

What kinds of watches do you collect?


Welcome to the forum!






Hey neighbor. Fellow Michigander here. Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to full30! Im here to chew bubble gum and welcome new members and im all out of chewing gum.


I can appreciate almost any car for what it is, but I really like muscle and sports cars from the 50s-60s, and coachbuilt stuff from the 20s-30s. I’m not a huge brand-follower; I’ve owned both Camaros and Mustangs.
I’ve done a good amount of drag-racing and open track driving in the past, but mostly just get out to a few autox events and the occasional karting race these days.
I follow mostly Formula 1, Indycar, and IMSA/WEC for series, although I can get roped into watching damn near any kind of motorized competition.


I don’t have a very focused collection. I do really like vintage Swiss stuff from the 50s-70s though.


Thanks for the great welcome everyone. :slight_smile: