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Good morning FULL30. Thank you for the invitation to come here and introduce myself. I had no idea this was even a possibility. My name is Chris and I have been operating under the CloverTac banner for over 3 years (nearly 800 videos) now across all types of social media and online outlets. Growing up and living in a rural area, firearm have always been just a given. I do however have specialized education in youth competition and youth shooting sports. For me it is all about education. The more we educate, the more we have that can educate and so those sympathetic to our cause grows. This is what at CloverTac we call “Chain Fire Freedom”. Sadly we are currently still under a 90 day suspension from live streaming on YouTube and prior to that suspension, we were doing 4, yes FOUR live shows per week. Thankfully you can still access those replays and they are also saved on other platforms like GunStreamer, iHeartRADIO, etc. We recently resurrected the Firearm Friday live show as a pre recorded weekly podcast and so far it is doing well. Diversity is key and we are taking full advantage of every option available to reach as many as possible with our mission of education. If you are curious where you can find us, there are links… along with all sorts of other cool stuff over on the CloverTac Website.



Welcome to Full30. Glad you found us!


What up Homie!


Welcome to your new Home


Welcome! We’re glad to have you here.






thanks @EQuinn good to be here, love diversity!


thanks @Robert wasn’t sure what your email was talking about but i figured it out. LOL


thank you @Rsquare


Hey @GhostTactical, long time now see. What’s up @srdiver & @brianpurkiss, good to be here.




thank @Festus


Welcome to Full30 forum @CloverTac Good to have you here. With your 90 suspension at screwtube, that just means they have your number. They harassed me for 8 months before finally deleting my channel. They kept all the funds I earned as well. I say we get you here on Full30, but it’s going to take a bit. The new update is coming out, no set date as of yet.

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Welcome from Texas


@ArmedEyeDoc where you at in TX?


South of Dallas a little ways


@ArmedEyeDoc oh nice, i am about two hours south of DFW


Welcome @CloverTac
Great to have you here at Full 30! About time you & @GhostTactical got yourselves over here!


@LonewolfMcQuade, had no clue about all this, thought is was just a big boy exclusive video drop site… great to know there is more to it