Greets from Clinton Westwood, DIY gun builder


Hello fellow members,

I’ve been a member on this site for over a year with the intention of moving from Youtube and the non-stop attack on creators and builders and anything gun shaped. My channel currently has over 41,000 subscribers and before the video deleting started, over 11 million views. I do crude garage builds with simple Home Depot tools, files and elbow grease. I’m currently working on a .380 semi-auto pistol that I’ve labelled the Kolt380. It’s very loosely based on Professor Parabellum’s Mk. II Sheet Metal Pistol. I’ve used some elements of the FCG and that’s about it.

Youtube has deleted some of my most popular videos, including one that was featured on Popular Mechanics. Now they are going through all the videos that I took offline by making private and are deleting those as well. I would love to be able to post on the main site. I’ve got all my videos backed up and ready to go. Here are two former builds and the current one still in progress…

Kaulkinator441 - rotating four barreled, rifled .410 grafted to a staple gun.

Krikit 25 - .6 round .25 ACP completely scratch built.

Kolt380 - factory magazine and the rest scratch built.


Those look nice, great work. @full30nick is the guy to talk to to get a channel set up. Youtube deleted my channel a few months ago.

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Very nice


Impressive! Welcome to full30 mate!


steampunk goes bang (for the first one)


Those are some awesome DIY builds!

You’ll be a great fit for Full30.


Thanks, I’ve contacted for the first step.


It’s been an interesting journey to stay within my tool resources and skill set. I’m close to making loud banging noises.




Welcome to Full30…


I’m having a lot of fun in the garage:)


It’s got a good trigger/hand pull. Actually can’t stop smiling when I fire this contraption.


I’m hoping to stay and contribute:)


@Clinton Hello and welcome to the forum. I’ve been keeping an eye on your builds on YouTube. Weren’t you on weaponeer?


Cool builds, Welcome!


Good day. Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been active on Weapons Guild.


Thanks sir


That’s where I remember you from! Your builds are great. I’ve been needing some new installments. Glad you’re here!


That is where I remember seeing those too!!!

Welcome aboard Clinton!