Group Buy


Looking at doing another group buy. This will not be advertised on the website. I will be looking st Aero or Ballistic Advantage currently unless there is a brand that a bunch of other people are looking for. We’ve done BA before and it worked pretty well but I will have specific guidelines that will need to be followed. I know it’s the holidays so the actual buy may not happen until January or February but it will require some logistics.


Minimum of 20 orders
Item may be variable (depending on interest and manufacturer.)
Price will be below MSRP and retail MAP pricing and should be better than other pricing availability on the net.
Orders will be placed once everyone has paid
Orders will be invoices through stripe or similar credit card processing system secured with SSL

Please ask any questions you may have.


LOL, I’m fairly stocked up and completely out of available credit, couldn’t even name an item that I’d guess 20 people might be interested in, need an AR10 buffer/tube but bet I’m about the only one right now…


Ha yeah I figured. I was thinking about doing a 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor barrel buy or even complete upper buy perhaps depending on the interest


Aero looks good to me. Especially the M5E1 in 6.5 Creedmoor.

If anything else it’s a suggestion for what it’s worth.


Awesome. I can’t do a full rifle because no FFL, but an upper or barrel is totally within grasp


Ok. I didn’t know the constraints on the option. Let me re think this. Give me a minute.


Ok, here are some reasonable options.


There are always cheaper options.


Yeah I will look into it. I would prefer to get higher end stuff at low prices in my honest opinion


I agree. I just know getting 20 guys/ people to agree on the same-thing is tough.


Yeah I know.


No way would I run a PSA setup… I have way to many issues… bad ones. Aero is a great company to work with and I have never had an issue with what they make. Their parts kits? Yeah… well, there are better ones out there. But their uppers, rails, lowers, barrels, gas blocks, buffer kits, all great. 100% dependability


Okay. I never said you had to. It was just a cheaper option. I have no clue what the financial situations everyone is in, and we need 20 people to go in on the same thing.

The problems I have found with PSA where all things I could fix. Granted not everyone has the same mechanical aptitude.

I’m really just trying to help come up with options that we could agree on. Obviously at this point PSA is off the table judging by the reply’s.

Thank you both for helping me narrow down my suggestions.


May not need to be the same item. May just need to be the same item type. So 20 barrels or 20 uppers etc. we will see on that.


I ran a PSA for a few years and had no issues. It was cheap and fairly reliable. Surely entry level. Now hat I’m into building my own, I’d rather have high end parts and put things together myself. But that’s just me


Big issue I have with PSA is they will pass off Chinese (or where ever they are getting crappy parts) made parts, and their barrels are not concentric… that’s a major issue if you shoot suppressed. The muzzle should be threaded concentric to the bore one would think…
Yes, I get that not everyone can afford LWRC or HK… Aero is a great deal for the price. I would run an Anderson before PSA…


Looks like I got the pricing back from Aero and will be going through it. If you could pick from a complete upper or just barrels, or handguard a what would you choose?


complete upper

If its priced in the super awesome range I need 5


Complete uppers look like they will be around $100 off MSRP


barrels, handguards?