Hello FULL30!

If you take a look at the groups section, you’ll find a few new additions.

These are people who have a video channel on FULL30. it is my hope they can collaborate to grow and help brand FULL30, maybe unite on some fund raising events.

Range Officers
These are members who selflessly help others to become part of the FULL30 community.

FFL & Retailers
While these seem synonymous they are not and are divided into two groups,
I hope you will support them when you are shopping for firearms or related goodies.

These groups have leaders for the purpose of approving new membership requests and related needs,
as well individual users have icons to make them recognizable throughout the forum,if you belong to more than one group and want to change your icon please PM me, the same with any other needs, adding owners or anything similar.

New group ideas are welcome, groups are here to help, grow and strengthen FULL30

Some I’d like to perhaps see in the future, Military, perhaps each branch represented, Police, other Forums who visit here, Gun clubs, 2A organizations etc etc,

These groups can also have sub forums on the main board for public announcements etc.

May God Bless you all!


Do we want podcast as it’s own group? Or just use the producer group?