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I recently had the displeasure of winning a bid on Gunbroker. The seller is GT Distributors out of Austin, TX. I paid on 07/19/2108 (credit card charge), went to my FFL, they did everything on their end, but it wasn’t shipped. After several emails they filed a non-paying bidder claim against me. Complete BS. I guess I’ll be contacting my CC company today and filing a claim against them.

I am unable to file a claim through Gunbroker unless I’ve gone the credit card company route first, and then I fax them that paperwork.

Absolute BS.


That sucks.


A top 100 seller doesn’t use GB checkout for GB to confirm payment?


GT Distributors is my local gun shop. They are absolutely amazing in person. I do all of my FFL and local gun purchases through them and their staff goes above and beyond every time.

I’m gonna guess there’s more to the story.


@brianpurkiss There is- I found out that my FFL said that they sent their info to them in a timely manner. That may not be true despite what I was told. However, as a customer, I paid them through GB. Then they filed a non payment claim against me. That is unacceptable no matter what. That’s my complaint.

Edit: I have a GT Distributors here close in GA. I use them for all my long gun purchases. They are fantastic in the store. Whoever is running the internet sales out of TX though, that’s who I’m upset with.


Ok, here’s the timeline on this. I fully believe that the seller is in the wrong here despite a delay that was out of my hands. Am I wrong?

  • Won an auction on GB. Paid within the timeline.
  • Contacted my FFL which I have used before with no issue. They said they will send their info to the seller.
  • Seller contacts me and says they need FFL info. I respond with name, address, phone number, and contact.
  • Contacted FFL again and they assure me info is sent
  • No further communication from seller
  • Seller files non payment claim against me
  • I contact the seller and dispute this as it is completely untrue. Upset, I ask for a refund. No response from seller
  • I email GB. No response.

What the heck is going on around here?!?!? Am I wrong? I already had it out with the FFL. I just want to be done at this point. I don’t even want the gun from them now that they filed that claim against me. What do you guys think? I’m worked up about it.


You’re not wrong, but have you spoken to them? Sometimes you gotta pick up the phone. Talking to an actual human usually resolves things.


Rightly so, just keep calm, no jihad, these are big companies that never work as quick as we would like,
I’ve had issues on GB all settled to my satisfaction and yours will be as well.


Everything is done by email now, but yeah maybe I should have called.


They’ve been great every time I’ve spoken to them over the phone.


Unfortunately I’m not impressed with their online presence.

A non payment claim is pretty damn insulting after they’ve charged your card and have your money.


Doesn’t the charge process through Gunbroker?

There’s a bunch of extra steps involved in online purchases, especially firearms purchases, and on top of that purchases involving third party systems.

The entire process is a lot more complex than you’re making it out to be.

Also, they very likely don’t have your money yet. Online purchases take a while to process. If I charge your card on my store, it takes a few days before the cash makes it to my bank account. That process will take a lot longer if yet another middle man is involved.

And credit card fraud is absolutely killer, which is what they seem to be trying to fight against. Or at least, what they perceive of credit card fraud. When I first launched my online store, I had a poor system in place for fighting against credit card fraud. I lost over $5,000 because of [insert many expletives] using stolen credit cards on my store.

You seem to be spending a lot of time complaining on here when you really should be picking up the phone and giving them a call.

There are a wide variety of 100% reasonable and normal explanations for this issue.

Reach out to them and try to sort it out. They’re people just like you and me - they aren’t maliciously trying to steal from you.


Hmmmm, this exactly what perturbs me about doing business on gunbroker. I almost bought a Japanese Arisaka Type 99 rifle but backed out at the last minute for what can be described almost perfectly in the OP’s posts.

Having been a buyer and seller on ebay for 20 years I saw this stuff almost daily from both sides of the isle of an online marketplace and this is even with so-called “paypal protection” (which is bullshit). In the end I don’t know if I will ever use gunbroker. I just don’t trust people to not make mistakes due to their negligence which I will end up getting burned.

@ThisOldGun, hey, post up the auction so we can read the description and their payment/FFL rules statement. I’m curious to read their actual verbiage. Chances are they either need to be more specific or they give too short of a timeline for what @brianpurkiss mentioned regarding the length of time it takes for them to receive payment. And yes, if you haven’t yet absolutely call them–they will probably be reasonable. Let them know you can provide them proof of your payment on time and such if needed. When I ordered my Star BM and Makarov from J&G Sales they didn’t have my FFL on file and didn’t tell me for several days and so going back and forth through email was pointless. They were going to cancel my order, a quick phone call solved the problem.

Or send the link to me via PM and I will quote it and remove any identifying information if you want.


You seem to be spending a lot of time complaining on here when you really should be picking up the phone and giving them a call.

I don’t see how sharing an experience is complaining. Also, this has been going on for a couple of weeks. I have called and left my information for the individual that handles online sales. We will see if they call me back.

Also, they very likely don’t have your money yet.

Incorrect. This took place over some time.

they aren’t maliciously trying to steal from you.

Nobody said anything of the sort. A non payment claim on gunbroker is different from theft.


This is essentially what happened to me. The part that is upsetting is that rather than reaching out they filed a non-payment claim.


Well, in case anyone was wondering, the non-payment claim was cancelled. I received a refund. I never could get anyone from GT to call me back. End of story I guess.


And now its in the past, GB is still the best so get back out there and win something!


Oh GB is awesome. And GT Distributors is still good to go in my book. I think it was the perfect storm of events and a couple of bad employee decisions. Not the company.