Guidelines for the forum

These are some Guidelines for the Forum as our community grows and matures together.
This is a free speech forum and we are not going to censor members here, we are only asking that some content be placed in an more appropriate area. This is completely voluntary.

  1. We are asking for political topics or discussion not directly firearm related to 2nd
    Amendment topics be put in Concealed Carry.
    -The reasoning is obvious some folks are sick of Politics
  2. We are asking for news articles not about firearms to be posted in Concealed Carry.
    -The reasoning is some are sick of hearing about the degenerates in our nation.
  3. We are asking that banter in public forums be PG and keep on Topic. No taking cheap
    shots unless you have something to add to the conversation.
    Example of acceptable is
    “The Glock is a perfectly acceptable pistol but when you get BeltFed’s credit card then
    I would spring for a Nighthawk Custom.”
    -If you intend to post something that only contains banter them send the banter via PM
    -The banter also tends to derail topics fast.
  4. Public forums are assumed no derail topics.
    -Topics can organically grow and that is okay.

These are just guidelines and not rules. If the guidelines aren’t followed we may contact you and ask you to refrain from such post in public or NOT.
At this time the only post that will be removed is when members start banter on a introduction thread. All introduction threads are to be with the new member, no inside jokes no talking about yourself or another member unless it is unless it pertains to a new members interest.

I moderate on this forum only with the consent of the Leader Group and SOG group.


Uhhh well… i really am cornfused . i don’t know where to post now. :frowning_face:


looks like I won’t be posting much…


You will be fine this isn’t a thing that I’m going to demand compliance on. If it makes you stop and think before posting something then it works. If you say F it and post anyway I’m not going to spend my precious free time sending nasty messages to you. It’s completely voluntary. I may message sometimes if i think someone went to far but i intend to reserve that for extreme cases.



Will you be selling your van then?


I should add something on topic so I’m not setting a bad example,

A large part of the idea, make it more attractive to noobs, we often derail intro posts pretty bad, so, we’ll work on not doing that, and sheep sex, afraid we found out its unlawful in 32 states, so, that needs to stop as well :man_shrugging:

Otherwise this is all due to feedback, I think its a valid go and should be pretty easy, my biggest concern is the new policy on Ricks credit card, will there still be seconds or is it who calls dibs first :thinking:

now, have to hold my breath and see how I did … flag in 3.2.1.


I kinda enjoy those. :yep:


So, I don’t know this first hand, but aren’t you the one who pushed Russ to make some rules, more explicitly regarding political topics?

To be fair, lets examine, see if its difficult to break down by guideline

  1. Keep politics from public view (which as posted above I believe was your request, no?)

  2. About the same, not one I fully endorse but since Russ left and sighted me micromanaging as an issue for him as a mod, I’ll just observe

  3. Is a must, its defined a little softer that sheep sex but that’s the idea behind cleaning up the banter and being PG

  4. Likely the most heard complaint, derails

This was discussed in advance, I found during the discussion two things were apparent

  1. Mark was flexible with those who cited opposition, hence the “guidelines” aspect

  2. Very little feedback was given, most was “sounds good to me”

So, your video was entertaining no doubt, but not well placed IMO, some resentment to the new moderator I suspect, but we are extremely given to unity, that means accepting each other as family and making allowances for trespasses and forgiveness, it also means giving them a chance, a lot of people have asked for rules, maybe this will work as is, maybe it needs positive constructive feedback

I get the definition of insanity so I won’t ask you to take down your post as it did no good last time I asked.

But I’ll exchange in kind


:rofl: I never really did so no changes for me.


I hate it when I forget this… life is what you make of it to point but have to say I’ve seen a few life changes that I never imagined, almost like we are also parts of a larger plan.
This place has always felt like part of a plan, I don’t see that changing.


I’m not really sure what the public/private areas are since I stick mostly to the smiffin’ area, but I’m guessing the areas with the locks are the non-public areas? My biggest threat of running afoul of the law is derailing, anyway. I’ve been known as “the derailer” in some of the other communities I’ve been part of. I try to be good here. TRY.


@Robert ,

NO, to answer your question Robert. And it’s pretty presumptive and reckless of you to think that.
As @Belt-Fed so eloquently put it, [quote=“Belt-Fed, post:22, topic:19240”]
detonics is the only one here that has the balls to say it.
[/quote] " I respect anyone that speaks the truth.

Seems that everything before “but” is just Bull S%$# on your part.

Thank you for liking the video :slightly_smiling_face:

:thinking: I didn’t realize I needed to run posts past you for pre-approval ! My bad.

Again Robert you suspected Wrong yet again. If I have a problem with anyone, let alone @MAC82 . I will take it to him, so again please, stop speculating, or making wild assumptions and accusations.
As I have Zero resentment for Mark, I actually applaud him for taking on the job as moderator, I’m actually friends with many people here on this forum, and we talk on the phone and by email, not just here on Full30.

If memory serves me right :thinking: You said I can delete my post on my own accord !

Group Hug


FYI, the proposition was not groundless, if I made it without saying that it was short of firsthand knowledge, then that would be presumptive and reckless, my goal is not rumors and gossip, it is too support the people who wish to work together and make this a better community.

I know we can’t please all the people all the time, but a good number of comments indicate a tuning of allowed behavior could encourage growth and is worth a try, if your answer is “no” then I now have firsthand knowledge that you don’t believe politics need to be moved, what we could now use is your opinion, constructively, of what may help with respect to allowed vs not allowed posting as it relates to retaining vs driving off new members, if you have any?


Who can ask for more?

Derailing (IMO) as we have it listed here is not meant as a natural flow of discourse, some topics do contain multiple conversations, that’s how groups of people interact at any gathering, two here discuss a point, three there, etc

Rather, the derailment we’ve targeted is more along the lines of repeated short outbursts that actually stop the progression of a conversation, the same occurs in a physical group setting, if one person continually and intentionally disrupts then that group tends to scatter, here, that means the thread dies

If you’re in a thread about boats and start speaking with a member about fishing that thread can continue, people not part of the fishing conversation will keep talking about boats

No one person needs to think of this as a personal attack, rather we want all members to do what you wrote, “try” , just try to help us shape up, for everyone’s benefit :sunglasses:

correct, and there are level unlocks as well, currently level IIII and the support group have been discussing the bulk of this beforehand, only a couple have put up any opposition, and light at that

To speak the plain truth we want the adolescence behavior largely gone, we need mature adults willing to build a community that may actually stand a chance in this nutty world

Here’s an excerpt from page 21 in the book I posted that I hope everyone takes the time to read


One of the check boxes when joining here is 18+ years of age, sadly age is not indicative of maturity, which is what it should read :hugs: