Gun channels are not the only one suffering from utube censorship


From a recent article

There must be a magic word out there that triggers the consorship, but the amazing part is the large number of violent or criminal actions that get posted without any consequences.


Like many on the Internet, they seem to have issues with opposing points of view. I’ve always said, lies needs to be protected from the truth, the truth can stand on it’s own. Now look at who’s trying hard to censor certain information.


Thanks and switching means to other net


^ This. They are also hitting video game channels hard too. Also funny how they’ll allow violent movie trailers to be sold as ads where they get profit on but oh no let’s ban firearms channels.


If youpuke pulls violent video game channels, all they will have left is cats, and liberals.


Aren’t they get the same thing? Self centered do everything for me animals? :wink:


They haven’t touched my little channel yet.


I am not sure if anyone is aware of what the left is trying to pull now they whant to buy our guns back and or Give them to a range or shotting club its been on fox news tonight just some FYI… Never give up the fight for our second amendment