Gun Clubs on Campus


Hello everyone I’m new two this forum! I’m a student at Washington State University and the new club president of the WSU Gun Club. I’m trying to really turn this club into something special and would greatly appreciate some advice on what would be great idea from some more seasoned gun enthusiasts.


the vice president and myself thought of doing a fundraiser with a local 2nd amend. supporting bar and have a gun raffle. we don’t get enough new people consistently to be able to do a new member raffle. thanks for the input.


Hello and welcome are any of your members or yourself a certified Firearms instructor?


we are all students and have a few range safety officers


“seasoned gun enthusiasts.” Aka old people!:skull_and_crossbones:


@nick32, host a barbecue to attract new members, find somewhere where you can have your Club logo printed on some T-shirts hand them out at the barbecue, something tasteful you don’t want to turn off any potential members.
As far as getting your Club up and going contact the NRA they will be happy to assist in helping start your new club.
Last but not least practice your ass off as the president you want to be the Top Shot and get certified yourself it’ll look really good as president being able to train the new members of the club.
Just some suggestions to get you started.


@SAK thanks for the tips. the only problem i have is reaching out, people tend to be quiet about their interest in firearms and therefor harder to find them. we have done tabling events and that has seemed to bring in people.

we have been a club since 2009, do you think the NRA will still help us out with various things?

we have been a great club so far, being the new president i want to take it to the next level. lots more member, more events, sponsors if possible, tour firearm manufacturing facilities, ect.


@nick32 Most definitely the NRA will be able to help! they have a program catered specifically to your needs and interests.


good to know thank you!


You’re welcome happy to help Anytime.

  1. Open carry BBQ somewhere.
  2. Business cards and ink pens are cheap and easy advertising. Everyone loses and steals ink pens.
  3. Make special shirts for people as like a badge of something. Have them qualify for it. Like begginer intermediate and advance or something like that.

Don’t know if any of that will help but I hope so.

Ps. Make sure OC is legal in your area first and know the laws. You need to be up to date on all that.


Have some kind of dead animal roast or something, I don’t recall what people call it.


That’s funny. I’m always out of love.


Yes I was referring too an OC BBQ if it was possible for him instead of a normal BYOB Barbeque. That way it has a chance to bring more attention to it and attract more people who like guns to come. It also gets students to feel more comfortable being pri-gun in such an anti-2A world.

I think @SAK has it right. Guns, food, and maybe even some hotties with guns.


You might look into getting a friends of NRA committee started in your are . Go to friends of to see what it is about.


BBQ seems to be a popular idea and a good one! That would be a great back to school event to have.


Does anyone have insight on sponsorships for a college club like mine, one that little to none ways of advertising for said sponsor. Something that that can just help us out.


Apply for a grant from the NRA foundation.


@Jtr I already pointed that out to him 12 posts up!!!


I gave the specific group in them NRA for them to contact friends of NRA. Org