Gun control and confiscation...


This guy has nailed it.
I today had a very impromptu discussion at a business I frequent over the subject of Gun Control and how here in the US we have most of the guns in the world with such a small percentage of the worlds population.
Those in the discussion were unaware of what it takes today to purchase a firearm and were actually unaware of the difference between an actual assault rife and a semi automatic.
As well as anything to do with firearms at all.
It was not a confrontational discussion at all I want to point out.
They actually didn’t know anything about firearms except what the mainstream spouts as truth we all know here as lies.
So in this discussion I made an attempt to set the record straight and point out that Criminals wouldn’t obey laws regardless of how many were passed.
Also that the true problem sits with Crime Control in this country and the restrictions we have placed on LE generally.
Concealed carry was also brought up by them and they really did not understand why we as citizens feel so strongly about this.
I think I shocked them when I stated I carry from time to time for protection not only for myself but I was willing to protect them and others as well if the situation arose.
They also asked if I was told to turn in my firearms if I would do so.
I sort of ducked the answer but left the impression I would not.
The conversation morphed into as in the video what I thought would most likely happen.
These were good people and if nothing else I think I gave them something to think about.
And perhaps dispelled some of the mainstream bullshit being spread by the anti gun crowd.
We shall see in the future how things go, but I think when I walk in the business in the future they will all look at me a little bit different than in the past.
Good or Bad


Interesting read. I didn’t pick up on whether this was a foreign business or one located here in the US? Just curious if the people you were speaking with were US citizens?


Here in the US and yes they are US citizens.
I have known these people for many years and we are on a first name basis.
Politics generally is not a subject we engage in either.
The subject of firearms morphed from a conversation about cars and the cost of blowers of all things.
They are very good folks and have always gone over and above to help people.


From your experience with the folks you were talking with, it’s easy to see how easy it might be to lose all our gun rights.
The general ignorance among so many people is just astounding.


So that’s very telling then how even fellow US citizens can be so misinformed, especially if they’re not “gun people”. On the flip side, it’s also very telling how much work needs to be done to combat the misinformation being spread by the media and other anti-gun actors.