Gun Control..and Three Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I listened to Florida legislators argue why school staff should be disarmed. I shook my head because their foolishness was so strong. This is the time when legislators need commons sense… even if we have to give it to them good and hard.

Their arguments sound like this.

  • We should protect our students with plastic no-guns signs since you can’t prove that a teacher won’t go crazy and shoot people.
  • Any gun at school could go off, so how can you guarantee the safety of students and staff?
  • Teachers are not trained Navy SEALs so they shouldn’t be allowed to have guns around our children.
  • It is too expensive to hire Navy SEALS to protect our children, so let’s do nothing. And besides, we shouldn’t allow Navy SEALS in our schools if they have guns.

In short, the reason we should leave our children unprotected is that improbable things will happen, and bad solutions are worse than what we have now. That means we should leave our children at risk or do something irrelevant that the politicians want to do anyway.

I’m not convinced by these false choices. The choice isn’t between the perfect solution that we have now, or giving every teacher a gun. Perfection isn’t an option.

The choice isn’t between replacing all our teacher with combat veterans in armor, or hiding behind plastic signs.

These false alternatives ignore our real world experience. Protecting our students isn’t something we could do, but something we’ve already done in dozens of states. We have thousands of school staff going to school every day. They bring their gun and their medical kit with them to work the same way they carry them as they go shopping and out to dinner.

You don’t see the armed defenders around you, so you assume they don’t exist. Let me assure you. They are there.

The police say they can’t get to the violence in time to stop the murders. So what are we going to do to save lives until the police arrive? We face a simple choice. The next time a murderer comes to school, do we want trained school staff who are at the scene to be armed or disarmed?

This isn’t a self-defense problem; it is a psychological problem we have recognizing violence. Dr. William April described our problem this way,

“To properly plan for violence,
you must first admit and accept
that the world is not as it ought to be.”

Recognizing evil is easy to say, but it is psychologically quite difficult to do. The sad fact is that some people would rather look the other way and let our kids get killed than admit that some people are violent. These idealists do more than put themselves at risk: they put all of us at risk if they force us to adopt their blindness.

The question for us today is if Florida legislators will recognize this imperfect reality. Will we allow politicians to play political games in front of the press… or will we apply enough political pressure that Florida legislators protect our children the same way they protect themselves at work?

Yes, Florida legislators can bring their guns to work. If an armed defense is good enough for the legislators, then it is good enough for our children too.


It’s all BS because teachers have been armed in Utah for a long while… No accidents that I can remember hearing about…and the media would love to report about it if it happened.


Utah has armed teachers as well as a LE Officer at each school. Concealed Carry is also allowed to licensed individuals. Teachers and administrators that want to be armed at schools should have some sort of training prior to doing so and the LE official should be made aware as well.
Such as LE giving a seminar or small class to those that wish to be armed.
However I do not believe the school administration should be the ones making the go no-go decision.
As with most educational systems the liberals are deeply embedded as well.
Gun Free zones and signs just tell the psycho that he is safer at this location and advertises the weakness of the schools security.
No incidents have been reported as MT states, and you bet the press would be all over it if something ever did occur.
We must protect our children and LE cannot do this alone.


^ 1,000,000% this. It should fall on to us first.


The overlords want sheeple… you guys are not complying… get with the program and assimilate… assimilate… assimilate…


so a armed teacher could go crazy and start killing their students - but wait that sign prevents a teacher coming to school armed to kill?
Schools protect children from lighting storms not because they stand a greater chance of being struck by lightning than shot in a school killing but simply because to make sense to protect them from the potential.
Why hire just SEALs, there is a whole cadre of veterans out there that could use a job. sounds like inter-service discrimination to me (marine recon - good for primary but make them buy their own crayons), Air Force SP - have the dealing with whiny children training and the any number of SF army types.


If that’s the way they think, they should be held responsible if their ideas fail to protect the students.


If only what the gun grabber said was true with the red flag laws

LOS ANGELES, CA—There was an attempted shooting earlier today but luckily, the police were close by.

They managed to tackle the shooter’s AR-15 to the floor. They pinned it to the ground and kicked it a few times for good measure, though it did not appear to be resisting arrest.

Bewildered, the shooter shrugged and slowly backed away.

“Honestly I was kinda hoping to make a name for myself,” he told reporters later. “But they just blamed the gun. So… well, I guess I won’t be famous after all.”

“At this point, we aren’t looking for any further suspects,” an FBI official told reporters as the AR-15 was read its rights and hauled away in the back of a police cruiser. “It seems the AR-15 acted entirely of its own volition, without any human operator who might have behavioral or mental issues.”

“The weapon is obviously a menace that needs to be locked up to prevent any further harm,” he added.

According to CDC mortality statistics, of the tens of thousands of gun deaths each year, up to 75% are caused by a rogue assault rifle, shotgun, or handgun acting on its own. “It’s a huge problem that needs to be handled better through addressing the mental problems these types of guns might have well before they act out,” a CDC official said.

“It’s 3 pm. Do you know where your assault rifle is?” he cautioned.

The assault rifle has been charged with several counts of murder, assault, and domestic terrorism, and will be tried as an adult, sources confirmed.

.At publishing time, the shooter had decided not to use a gun for his next mass attack so that he will get full credit for it.