Gun-Control Fails in California..and We Lose

Sociologists and criminologists rendered their verdict. Gun-control in California doesn’t work. That should have been obvious in hindsight. Unfortunately, these failed laws will probably not be rescinded by lawmakers nor be overturned by judges. Since Californians won’t change things at the ballot box, they are going to have to vote with their feet to restore their rights.

What we now know about gun-control-

This recent report was issued by a number of academics, including the researcher funded by the state of California in their Violence Prevention Research Program. This is hardly a right wing policy piece purchased by gun manufacturers. The report compared data from California with data from other states that did not impose gun-control laws. Rates of homicide with a gun and suicide did not decrease compared to those other states used as a control group. There was no significant change despite the gun-control laws being in place for more than a quarter century. Mandated background checks for all firearms purchases didn’t reduce crime or suicide. Prohibiting people with misdemeanor offenses from buying guns didn’t reduce crime or suicide in California.

California also has mandatory firearms safety training, 10 day waiting periods, magazine capacity restrictions, and one-gun-a-month purchase restrictions. Most people can’t get a concealed carry license in California. There are obvious reasons these gun-control laws don’t work despite the political promises made in press releases.

What we thought would happen and why gun-control failed-

California politicians said that criminals wouldn’t use guns if we regulated law abiding people. In most cases, the criminals simply got their guns illegally. If guns were in short supply, then criminals shared guns rather than each criminal having a gun of his own. For the few criminals that were inconvenienced by these gun-control laws, the criminal simply used another tool of intimidation rather than using a firearm.

That analysis only looks at part of the balance between criminals and crime victims. It has to be true that some criminals somewhere were inconvenienced by California’s gun-control regulations. Unfortunately, all of the law abiding California gun owners were also inconvenienced by these laws. Many honest citizens were disarmed. Rather than make crime harder, California’s gun-control laws made crime easier. The effect of disarming a few criminals was overwhelmed by disarming so many of the intended victims of crime. Guns save lives when they are in the hands of law abiding citizens as well as take lives when they are in the hands of criminals.

This study shows that criminals ignore gun laws and the burden falls on honest gun owners. That is true for every gun-control law. Unfortunately, California politicians and judges don’t care. There is a reason why.

We are the only ones who care if gun-control fails-

California’s gun-control laws clearly infringe on our natural right of self-defense. These laws also disproportionately disarm the poor and minority segments of our society. Gun-control leaves the most vulnerable segments of society at greater risk. Shouldn’t lawmakers and judges care about that?

California’s gun-control laws don’t apply to California politicians. They can buy the guns they want and carry them at times and places where you can’t. California judges get concealed carry permits in counties where ordinary citizens are denied a permit. California politicians can continue to rake in campaign contributions in support of gun-control even though the gun-control laws don’t work.

In short, gun-control works for California’s elites. They won’t work to change a system that works for them. What is shocking to me is that federal court judges agree with the California politicians and lower court judges. That means we can’t look to politicians or judges for help.

Changing things is up to us.



Lets do it.

We need to start IMO by changing our thinking.


No law will go away on its own. It will take a legal challenge to have it over turned. That’s where we the people come in. Don’t expect the NRA to run to the rescue, don’t expect other states to do it either. We all have our own battles. California needs to organize and file suit. Line up actual statistics, FBI, law enforcement, etc. Show decades of data, not just a few years. You want to show trends, example. Look Australian gun violence dropped right after they gave up their weapons. But wait, go back 20 years and you will see a downward trend in gun violence that was unchanged after guns were taken.


The importance of protecting our Rights and values cannot be stated too much, especially among those of us who are most affected by these serious threats. The mass-media will not report accurately and the politicians will resort to emotions and hysteria to state facts not in evidence. We all share the responsibilities of gun ownership. We are lucky to be here at FULL30 where we are willing and able to support our community of like-minded individuals.


Interesting. I’m also reminded of Mexico, a country with very strict gun laws. The vast majority of its citizens are disarmed, and yet murder rates are very high. The disarmed public is left at the mercy of fully armed criminals who rob, kill, torture rape, kidnap, extort and intimidate them at will. The law-abiding public is absolutely defenseless. It wasn’t until a few years ago when some communities set up “auto defensas” by arming themselves and fighting back that they were able to live in more relative safety.

I figured Mexico’s experience alone would help serve to show the folly of passing gun control laws that not only inconvenience innocent law abiding citizens but also put them at greater risk of being victimized.


NOOO, the criminals didn’t follow the gun laws?


I have always described the issue of gun-control as a failure because [Insert Problem here] is being solved for the wrong variable.

Because they are solving for the wrong variable, no solution can be found. All attempts will fail.
But… Instead of realizing (admitting) that the focus is on the wrong variable, our politicians will continue to “try harder”, introducing more and more steps.

The issue is that they are not stupid (oh no, they are when it comes to “gun talk”, but not as to what the intention is) so they will never re-focus on the proper solution. No democrat will. Because for democrats the proper solution would actually take away the power and support. We must remember that keeping people poor, disarmed, uneducated, and needing support (forever) gives government all the power over the people. As in, those people will actually need to be governed. So it is not in the interest of the government led by Democrats to give the power to the people.

Also, imagine a situation where someone’s death could be directly linked to a piece of gun control legislation. That would put the state and those who introduced, pushed for the bill into a bad place in court when the family of the deceased sues the state. That is why they get in front of it, blaming guns.

Instead gun control “patches” will be applied over previous “patches” until the public will be completely or nearly completely disarmed.

Just look at what has happened so far - we got more gun control and as result (no democrat sees it this way) we have an increase in mass shootings. They will never see it as a problem they created - gun free zones.
Instead they are trying to ban all semi-automatic AR15s and similar. After that doesn’t do anything, they will go after other semi-automatic rifles. When that fails, they will come for other guns. And so on, and so forth, until eventually there will be no guns. We may still have them “at gun clubs” but not at home, etc.

That is why I don’t think gun control will ever be undone, not quietly anyway.


As with the push for socialism, the argument will be made that it failed (this time) simply because they didn’t go far enough. Failure after failure, were all because they didn’t go far enough, so the next attempt must go farther down the same path.

Insanity - repeating the same experiment, over and over, while expecting different results.


Don’t let those useless politicians take your rights away. It will only get worse.

Here in South Africa, in 2005 they passed very strict gun control laws and now crime is skyrocketing. Highest number of armoured car heists in the world, highest rape rate in the world. Higher murder rate than the US. Criminals have easy access to illegal firearms, mostly full auto AKs and R4s (South African military rifle).

For us to get a gun, we have to first do proficiency training with all groups of firearms you might want. So 5 tests in total. Law, Handgun, manual rifle and semi auto rifle. How to look after them, clean them, safety, etc. Written test and shooting tests. This all costs rightly 200 USD. Once you have that, we need to apply for competency certificate for the police. Which is fingerprints, background checks, character checks by them interviewing neighbours and friends. Then you submit all that and it takes minimum 90 working days to get approval.

Once approved, you can now go buy any firearm you want, by you can’t have it. You have to pay up keep it stored in a gun shop while you supply for a licence for it. Which is more paper work, including motivation letter on why you need it. And what section you registering it under. Section 13,15 or 16. 13, self defence, can only be Handgun or pump action shotgun. No rifles allowed at all for self defence. 15 is part time sport shooter and 16 is dedicated sport shooter (DSS).

The paperwork then takes another 90 working days to complete, if they approve it. Sometimes they deny and we have to appeal. Only then, can you collect your firearm.

And you only allowed 4 firearms in total, 2 handguns Max and 200 rounds per licence. If you have DSS status, those limits get lifted.

Also, licences need to be renewed every 5 years for self defence and 10 years everything else and we must also renew competency.

The only benefit is, once we eventually do get it, there are no limits or licencing needed for suppressors, etc. And we can conceal carry.

But anyway, long story short, since this shit started, crime has become dramatically out of hand. And their solution now is for stricter gun laws and want to repeal our right to self defence completely.





Thanks for for the post mate. I knew some of this but to read it all in print is aggravating that it happened to you and the other former pro-firearm countries. As you say we cannot allow this anymore in the US. If people don’t start giving a shit and standing up to the treasonous politicians then we are all doomed. And yes I said treasonous. Every single politician that goes against our constitution and it’s amendments should be arrested, tried and punished as a traitor.

I think the sheeple Americans that love how this “gun control” hits them in the feels believe they won’t go after the other amendments next. Were these idiots not paying attention in world history class?


Wow, that’s a lot to go through just to defend yourself. It’s absurd actually. I hope it never gets that bad for us.


It already is about that bad in a couple of states, your home state included. The ammo thing that starts on July 1st 2019 for you all in CA is absolutely ludicrous. If you don’t know what I’m on about check this video:


It’s bad here, just not THAT bad. We don’t have limits on the number of rounds we can buy. I can still buy as many guns as I want. Handgun are limited to one per 30 days, but I can but as many long guns as I want at one time. I’m lucky that I live in Orange County where a CCW is too difficult. Still takes about 3 months though.


It’s absolutely disgusting what these politicians think they can do. I was very young when my grandfather passed away, but he had so many guns, gun room, reloading equipment, etc. Then after he died, and these laws passed, the police had an “amnesty hand in”. Meaning legal guns are now illegal and must be handed in, without prosecution for owning illegal guns. A lot of people didn’t comply, but my grandmother gave the police all my grandfather’s firearms. And now she regrets it

And these Draconian laws more in a country where are slogan back in the day was “by God and by Mauser”.

Oh and did I mention what happened to all those firearms handed in? It was sold to criminals by corrupt police officials.

Crime has gotten to the point now that the police announced they cannot fulfill their mandate to protect South Africans. So let’s rather make it impossible for us to do it ourselves.

Sorry about the rant, this topic just makes me angry


Us too brother, us too…