Gun Control Jersey Style


That is a great article. It’s too bad it uses logic and reason. The people who need to be able to understand that gun control does not work are incapable of understanding or willingly ignoring logical thought in this.


yeah, the secret with swallowing the blue pill is people get to wake up and believe what they want to …

to bad its not self preservation…


Time and time again… this is the result


You all will be NJ soon enough. Sorry.
Fill a state with titty feeders dependent on government handouts and you now are broke and busted NJ
See how FL and GA were almost lost?
The titty feeders WILL out breed the responsible people - just like every NJ dnc city shithole.

The end.


Just wanted to copy and paste the first comment under that article in case it got missed…I feel it is definitely worth reading:

ras says:
Gun owners are naive thinking that the constitution will protect their right to keep and bear arms. If it isn’t obvious yet, the constitution has been shredded by states like CA, NJ, CT, MA, HI, NY, CO, and the cancer has been spreading to once gun friendly states like AZ, NM, VT, ME, MT, VA and others. Yet with all the concern, and hand wringing, gun owners still have yet to coalesces into a single committed focused group like the gun grabbers have done over the years. Where are the marches on Washington, or even the state houses where they live? Why do they omit potential gun enthusiasts from their snobbish gun clubs, where only friends and relatives seem to be able to find an opening to join? Where is the level of grass root efforts in educating others who only hear about how dangerous guns are? Is there a local club that sponsors a youth marksmanship program, and volunteers to mentor those who would grow the ranks of gun enthusiasts, which seem to be shrinking at an alarming rate. Many put in the time to work with young people and volunteer as coaches and sponsors for sports such as baseball, football and soccer,. Why not shooting and hunting? We need to fight for our rights with the same vigor and commitment that those who wish to disarm us do. This should not be taken as a chastising as it’s not my place to do so. It’s just a warning and a wake up call before we lose what we claim as an inalienable right given to us by our Maker. Now before you reply, YES, I personally did much of what I commented about but age has cought up to me and I can only rely on younger and healthier folks to pick up the flag.


100% agree


This is why I work on two Friends of NRA committee’s. So we can raise funds to promote youth shooting sports . Last year we funded over 60 grants in Missouri at over $500000 .


The great misfortune is the complacency exhibited by voters and politicians alike. The obvious threat to everyone in “gun-free zones” has been proven multiple times and locations. Are we to rely on the taxation model for public safety? That is saying, spend all one wants and let the next generation pay for it by taxation. Safety and security for us all starts with our next generation, they need to live, so do we all.