Gun Debate - Bill Maher, Colion Noir, Michael Pollan, Josh Barro, Michael Smerconish & Neera Tanden


Not sure how many of you watched this. Colin Noir seems like a legit guy, I just started watching his videos on youtube not to long ago.

Bill Mahr actually handled himself better than most libs and let Noir talk.

Only black guy at the table is the most pro gun, way to blast the stereotype. Lol


The guy can talk, that’s for sure.


That lady is lucky this wasnt a one on one debate with Colin Noir. He couldve easily destroyed every single person there if he couldve had more time to speak. I find the suicide remarks the most laughable considering Japan has a significantly higher suicide rate than the U.S. yet they cannot own guns legally.


Good debate
I always think of this one when ever I see or talk about debates


:rofl: :rofl: Alex Jones is hilarious.


He is way over the top these days
But he does speak truths


He is a master troll, I havnt always been a huge fan. I did not like his opinions or theories on sandy hooks but overall his stuff i funny and pisses the right people off.