Gun-defense stories in the news

Whatever else the NRA does, I really dig their videos. In this one, survivor-hero Raul Mendez tells of how a neighbor opened fire on their Independence Day party 2022, and he saved his family and himself with his concealed carry pistol.


Then of course there’s the Indianapolis mall hero Elisjsha Dicken of July 2022, who stopped a murderer who had already killed three and wounded three, despite being outgunned, with 10 shots from his concealed carry piece at 30 yards.

Here’s the great Dr. John Lott, Jr.'s take:


On May 25, 2022 in Charleston, West Virginia, a criminal came back and began a murdering spree at a graduation party, after being warned to slow down for the children present. A heroine with a pistol shot and killed him after he started firing, but before he could hurt anyone, saving everyone there.


May the names of all murderers rot and be forgotten. May the heroes and heroines be blessed.


After Texas SB 535 took effect in September 2019, recognizing the right to carry in houses of worship, it was soon put to good use.

During Sunday services in White Settlement, Texas on December 29, 2019, a criminal known to the pastor and police entered and opened fire with a shotgun, murdering two, including a deacon.

Jack Wilson, a retired deputy sheriff, shot once from roughly 15 yards and hit the murderer’s head, saving everyone in the church. Although CNN reported that “church security” dealt with the murderer, Jack Wilson told Dr. Lott that anyone with a concealed handgun permit was included:

the members of the church were designated as security personnel as an honorary title. They were not security professionals.
~ Corrections to the FBI’s Reports on Active Shooting Incidents by John R. Lott :: SSRN


Oct. 27, 3:25am: This Kokomo, Indiana robber was disarmed once, and then pulled out a second gun. The tenants gave him a good beating until they got their own gun and held him at gunpoint for the police.

We should have more mug shots that look like this beauty.