Gun failures

I just took a four day tactical shotgun class at Front Sight and these are the guns I saw with failures. The worst was the Chinese made Hawk it would not stay locked in battery, a Mossberg 590 would double feed and two Mossberg 500s that would not eject the spent shell . Over half the class used Rem. 870s and had no issues . We ran 275 bird shot ,75 slugs and 175 oo buck .


I have a mossberg 500 that doesn’t like to eject the spent shell either. My favorite shotgun is the TriStar Compact for self defense. I have an 870 as well and it functions good but I have seen it double feed too.


Just as a side not too, the TriStar Compact uses Saiga mags and it seem you have to modify the mags with a bit of filing to get them to feed flawlessly too, and they advertise 2 3/4 and 3” capabilities but I found that it really only runs 3” heavy loads constantly. It seems all guns have their little niches you got to figure out


We had one person try a few drills with one of the new magazine feed 870s and it worked fine for everything except for the select a slug drill. The only way to do it was to swap mags which was a lot slower.


Maybe it’s newer Mossbergs that have problems.
I have an old one that runs perfectly and always has.
Just a thought.


Could be they were all newer guns. There was one bennelli m4 that had problems but they were caused by the operator. The 870s were a mix of new and old.


Charles Daly Honcho Semi Auto Non NFA 14" barrel 12 ga.
Was shooting 2 3/4" target loads and a few 00 buck loads.
Stopped ejecting.
Tore the gun down and found the gas piston had cracked in two places.
Set the 2 3/4" cracked piston aside and installed the 3" piston.
Switched to 3" slugs and 00 buck.
No problems.
In fact, ejecting shells 2 feet away.

I think the cracked gas piston is expanding under pressure and jamming up and preventing the piston from moving.
It cycles fine with the op lever.

Sent an email to Charles Daly, which actually goes to Chiappa firearms in Ohio.
But actually… the gun is made by Akkar in Turkey.
Numrich sells parts for them.
Bought a “new design” gas piston for a similar design Akkar shotgun.
I am somewhat proactive about repairs.
Hopefully hear back from Charles Daly/Chiappa too.

Don’t know what Happened here.
I am the first and only owner.
Less than 50 rounds through this firearm.
All factory ammo.
Only used the 2-3/4" ammo with 2-3/4 gas piston and 3" ammo with 3" gas piston.
Gas piston buffer ring looks fine.
Guess it is bad metalurgy and my luck.
Mostly sucks because I am swimming in 2 -3/4 ammo but have only a few 3" slugs left.

Lucky for me, the Weatherby Orion eats anything.
Just have to use that for a while.
It is not as tacti-cool… and doesn’t have skateboard tape on it… and it’s longer than a flu lockdown.

But it is pretty and bomb proof.


My sister’s Mossberg 500 doesn’t eject the cheaper shells with the steel(maybe aluminum) base that is silver colored. Actual brass based ammo no problem.


I am kinda kicking myself for not going pump action on this.
Way back in my brain there was a little static that told me not to go semi auto on a budget.

I’ll get it fixed up though.


Chiappa got right back to me via email.
They are going to send me a new piston for 2-3/4" shells.
The virus closure effects them too.
They are in Ohio.
So it will be sent out after April 7th.
Chiappa is doing the right thing.