Gun Groups GOA and NRA


I think we need to all be active in protecting our Second Amendment rights. There are many organizations that work to do that. I’m a fan of many of them including the GOA and NRA. The NRA isn’t perfect by any means but the training offered is one of the reasons I like them. If anyone wants to join here’s a link where you can get a discount. Feel free to share this with anyone who is interested.


One thing to keep in mind with the NRA, is they are not political. The NRA deals with training, safety, and standards. It’s the NRA-ILA that is political. They are separate, no funds flow between them.


Here’s my go to:

Gun Owners of America

Firearm Policy Coalition

2nd Amendment Foundstion

National Association for Gun Rights

I’m a member of all four for the national level 2a support.


I’m a NRA life member.


NRA & CRPA for me currently.


CRPA? California Retired Persons of America?:stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for reminding me to renew my memberships.
State organization NRA affiliate.
JPFO, especially now that SAF adopted it after the founder passed away.
USPSA when I did matches.


I let my USPSA membership laps when I got sick. Just not shooting like I used to.


Old age will do that to ya’.
Hope you’ve recovered.


Life member myself


Goa memeber


Very good group