Gun industry cliches


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Man, the 10mm guys must have a microscopic penis then? :wink:


ok, so he got his trophy, but 3 shots? Would prefer 1 or 2.

Still, interesting, but did not see where he hit the elk - maybe I just missed it. Anyone see where he hit it?

THANK YOU for the video, Robert!

And, after the video, it provides a chance to view various (other) handgun videos - sweet! One of my favorite subjects!


.45… because shooting twice is silly

AK47… when you absolutely have to kill every motherfucker in the room

Forget 911, I dial .357


Cliches I see:
9mm guys thinking they have a laser beam of destruction in their hands. (muh accuricies)
.45 guys thinking they have the equivalent of a naval gun in their hands. (muh stoppin powaz)
People saying the AR-15/ 5.56 is garbage (seriously… almost 60 years of use now).
People who hate on polymer handguns. (yea buddy lightweight)
People who think racking a shotgun will solve all their problems. (you really think it’s loud enough to be heard through multiple walls of a house?)
Fudds (that is all).