Gun Projects in waiting

I am sure we all have them. The ones we have no time for, or keep putting them off for some other reason…


What are they?
What is holding you back?
When do you plan to start?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. almost forgot…

My projects in waiting:

Winchester 1897 takedown restoration
Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1 rebuild
3 S&W 32 Safety Hammerless revolvers - rebuild/restoration

My day job is occupying all of my time at the moment. That is why I cannot do anything about the projects yet. It is awesome to have a job, not complaining. Just sucks that I have absolutely no time to do the stuff I really want to do.

I am hoping to be able to start working on the revolvers first later this year. Then the Enfield early next year, and lastly 1897…

Anyway, I know I am not alone. Share the pain.


  1. New barrel (ported or threaded, not sure yet) for my XD, new sights for it as well, and stipple the grip. Once that’s all done, I’ll have it OD green and multicam cerakoted.
  2. New handguard, charging handle, mag release, grip, optic (probably Aimpoint PRO, but I may do a Vortex UH1), Grey Ghost Gear SB-Sac for the CZ scorpion.
  3. Trade in my two P320s for an X-Carry P320, cut the slide for a SigSauer RDS.
  4. Drop a new front bead (XS bigdot) on my 930 JM pro. Adjust the stock to fit my height.
  5. Maybe do a custom trigger and snagless hammer for my S&W 686+, with a hogue extended cylinder release. I’m undecided on this though.
  6. Eventually (far down the road) pick up a PWS Mk220 Mod-1M. Replace furniture with FDE magpul precision adjustable stock and MIAD grip. Drop a Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15 on it with a Magpul bipod. Shoot inch groups. Be happy.

Projects stack up when I’m overseas and spend my income on gun parts.


12 hours… where are you?

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I prefer not to divulge to much information about myself, sorry. The Corps has taken me to some strange places though.


nooooo… you’re not in Hollywood are you?

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I’ve seen some odd locations in the past few years, but nothing as scary and perturbing as that.


Not sure if youre comfortable sharing any info on this but have you guys switched to the Sig M17/p320s yet? Any issues, if so?

Thank you for your service! @USMCMahon

Your projects sound like fun. When you get to them pictures would be appreciated.

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How is the bacon 1911 coming along? Full30 expects progress by next month.

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I was hungry. The project had to be restarted. For the 10th time.

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where overseas are you?

sorry, just read your prior comments to Robert.

never mind (please disregard my question)

We know he is not in Hollywodan of Californistan.

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My side of the house isn’t at the M17 yet; we’re still using the original M9. But I can hope that eventually our guys get the M17. It’s just a waiting game. As for pictures, I’ll post when I can. Just don’t expect any soon, sorry!:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I hear the Army and Airforce have started using the m17…Does that make you feel like a red headed step child?

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The Marine Corps will always be the red-headed step child. Right now, I only know of the army (slowly) switching to the M17. Which means it will be decades until the Corps switches over. I’d give you guys more info on the subject if I could, but it’s not my field of experience, and as any other Marine knows, (insert rank) don’t know.


Not sure on how accurate this is.

So who else is sitting on projects

I have a few sittin around in the shop at the house
I need to color fill and polish the bolt on a psak 47
I also have a few color inlays in slides that I need to do
Next week my buddy that molds plastics are gonna copy a 1911 pewter grip into a soft (houge like polymer)

  1. Fully disassemble and clean my Dad’s 1952 Russian SKS
  2. Fit a new indexing hand in my old Smith & Wesson Model 66 (slow timing issue)
  3. Replace all springs and slide stop lever in my Glock 21
  4. Research, buy, and install new sights on my Kimber 1911

I’ve just been busy with work and personal life. These are good winter projects…but I said that last winter too. :laughing: