Gun Projects in waiting

Keep your silence, do the deed, get off the X, be back here on time Brother.
Peace be with you.


Made me think of my lonely shop in the basement
Who am I kidding I’m in here all the time
One of the walls


Nothing too serious.

.224 Valkyrie
.308 AR10
6.5 Creedmore
6.8 SPC
.458 socom

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few.

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Whats a basement? :yum:


Hopefully when you move you will get one, and a bigger garage!


Virtual hug :hugs:


Youre leaving Dixie? I dont think any soutern state has basements.

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1-5.45x39 bolt gun using AK74 bbl and mags on Axis 223 donor. All done except mag adapter and I need to sort out how to make a stronger FP spring. The bbl was turned down and is mounted in an Al tensioning sleeve.

2-‘Accurized’ FAL with all the bells and whistles. Custom rcvr mods to mount scope without using a dust cover mount, customized bolt/carrier to center bolt face in chamber, from scratch bbl and gas system I have dreamed up, free-floated.



Tennessee has basements. (not all houses, but plenty of them do have them.)


Well let me think, my Beretta 96d, springs, finish stripping and then engraving, Armas Bost 12 ga. sxs stock build, my Antonio Zoli Silver Hawk 20 ga. sxs stock repair, A WIN. M50 12 ga, restoration and engraving project, Ithica M66 restoration / engraving, Rem. model 4 brl. reline to 22lr and restoration, a Moss. m 42 refresh, and finish my Win. 94 restoration and engraving project, as for why, I lost my Dad this past Aug. , he had Parkersons disease with Lewy Bodies syndrome and it was very traumatic the way he died, and as a result slowly pulling out of depression. Oh and almost forgot, if anyone has a barrel band for a Win. Model 57 target, that would finish my last project and I would be grateful .


Engraving pics, engraving tips, engraving tutorials!!!

I am in no place to demand stuff, but I am very politely demanding.



I would like to second that motion by @Mosinvirus for @baygraver to please hook us up with engraving info.


Lets see projects I have going

I have a couple of broken pistols I bought broken for cheap. Two single action models. One if FIE and I don’t even remember who made the other one. I remember it is German made. The kid who had it before me really did a number on it. The FIE the trigger screw/pin the guy before me broke off and then did frame damage trying to drill it out. I think he tried to use a hand drill and of course it walked all over.

I also need to finish up building my wife’s AR-47. I had the barrel cerakoted and it got some damage when we put on the gas block. So i need to touch that up. Also I need to install the muzzle device, and install the optic on it.

I have a few shotgun projects, a rem 870 and maverick 88 that I have barely started. I picked up another used maverick 88 that the guy blew the barrel on not paying attention. I have checked and replaced the internals as need there but I need a new 18.5 barrel for it. I think im going to add a heat shield to it basically for cosmetic.

Oh I also picked up a broken Iver Johnson .32 top break. It doesnt always seem to rotate the cylinder and doesnt lock up well. It hadnt been taken very good care of I got it from a private seller who was selling it for a widow. I picked it up for 30 bucks. I plan to give it a nice good cleaning and then work from there.

I probably got even more but like others here between full time job and school I dont have alot of spare time.



You must be a very patient person!

I only buy guns that I am confident will work right away and keep working. Any sign of trouble that I can’t easily fix, I sell the gun.

Glad you have the time and talent to take on such projects.

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Biggest current holdup on projects is that I haven’t gotten the shop set up in the new house, and finishing up other things with the house is currently eating up my time (buying a Jeep didn’t help, either). I’ve been satisfying the itch to build guns with Polymer80 builds, since I don’t need the shop to complete those.

Pending projects?..

Way too many.

Once the shop is to the point I can actually use it, I need to thread and crown the muzzle on the barrel for my LR308 build. Then I’ll have to buy a scope for it. That’s the one that is closest to being done.

I think I got all the 922r compliance parts to start on the FAL build. The HK 91 still needs a barrel and a few smaller parts. Picked up a CETME parts kit after hearing that a .45acp conversion kit was being developed. There’s a few unmachined frame castings for doublestack 1911s, in a box, somewhere…