Gun safe ok on ceramic tile?


Going to move a safe from one room to another and wondered if it would be ok on ceramic tile? Safe is in between 850-900lbs loaded I think (40” wide if that helps with weight distribution). I had planned on using a rubber mat to put it on if that helps.



I would put something under it to help spread the load. Tile doesn’t like to have pressure on one small area is will likely crack. Even a small piece of thin plywood on each foot or corner.


Agree with @Tactical_Reviews. Also depends on how good the tile job was.


The tile job was pretty good. How about a sheet of plywood cut at almost the length and depth of the safe then use the rubber pad underneath it to protect the tile completely?

I really don’t want to move it to the other possible room location.


Just to clarify are you talking about moving it across a tile floor or setting it permanently?

If moving it with a dolly I’d use plywood along the path for sure.

If setting it on tile for use, I think the rubber mat would work and look better than plywood.

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Moving and setting it permanently on tile. I’d like to not have to use plywood under where it will sit if I can help it but if it is needed then so be it.

I’m putting it on my heavy duty 850lb limit dolly (doesn’t have hard rubber tires) and moving it to another room empty. I’m probably ok moving it with the dolly (see pic) without the plywood along the path. The dolly has pretty badass tires.


Ground floor with concrete base. No problem moving and probably ok setting there. A rubber mat to be sure wouldn’t hurt. I wouldn’t consider placing it without something under it (carpet with padding or rubber mat) if you’re on a wood floor.


If you plan on moving it again, I would definitely put something underneath to protect the tile and spread out weight. However, if you are leaving it there for life, I would just flop it on the bare tile and let the next homeowner worry about it. :wink:


Ok cool. I have a pretty decent rubber pad to use for it. I’d like to not have to replace some tiles when we sell in a few years moving to ID.

If the tile is scratched up ir cracked we’d have to replace it. :frowning:

The rubber mat I have should work ok.