Gun shops here in Oregon are starting to give in to the liberals

So in the last month or so I have been to three gun shops here in Eastern Oregon and all three have pretty much said the same thing, that they are selling off or trying to sell off their AR15s and probably will not be buying anymore. Ive been hearing similar stories from other parts of Oregon. This anti gun push has people giving up, North Eastern Oregon is probably the most conservative part of Oregon, we have much more in common with our neighbors in Idaho than those idiots in Portland.
Also, the rumor is several Oregon based firearm companies are jumping ship and relocating, even though we havnt lost ,we have given up. Not a good sign for us pro gun Oregonians.


That’s what happens when you live on the left coast, bud. My two cents: Vote with your feet. Have you considered the South? We have guns and barbecue and moonshine. Just saying…
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Businesses have to look at a larger picture than just gun laws, before ‘jumping ship’ to another state. Other factors that impact their costs - taxes, environmental regulations, labor laws, etc - are part of what drives them to other states. It just tends to work out that the states that push gun control, also push other laws that are not friendly to business, and the push for more gun control can easily be “the straw that broke the camel’s back” for firearm companies.

Businesses leave the state, the state loses some of it’s tax base, then the state clamps down even harder, claiming there is a financial crisis, and even more businesses leave the state. It’s not a difficult pattern to see.

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And no you are not required to marry your first cousin . Second cousin’s work just fine.:grin:


I hope you have at least let them know what you think of their decisions.

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I have seriously considered moving south…Tennessee or Kentucky. It’s too f-ing cold up here in Michigan. :rofl::wink: