Gun shops in your state that you recommend


I will be in Up state New York in June are there any good shop
S in the Lake Placid area or around Mineville?


I’ll start Reloaders in Lebanon friendly Firearms in Lebanon Riflemans I Marshfield and Armed sources and Elite firearms in Springfield. These are the best I’ve found to deal with in southern Missouri.


Rifle Gear in Plano TX (just north of DFW) seems to be a good one and treat me well everytime I shop there. Prices aren’t the best for the fireaems (accessories are good) but I like to pay for good service.


I go to Houston a couple of times a year I’ll check them out.


Shoot Straight in Tampa or Orlando. Good selection. Prices are okay. The people generally good to great.



hilarious! (and sad)


So the best store in my area is? Fded up.hoooked on toys!
Toys fishin and guns?so crowded with crap u cant find anything always have to ask(and with one eye forget looking for stuff)the guys bahind counter are bunch of humorus smart asses( i think you smell like marijuana)right before you get paperwork! Funny guys but they get the prices so i keep going back!


Great Guns in Liberty, Mo. I’ve been doing business with them for 30 years. Back when they were called JR’s Guns. JR was the gunsmith who built my custom varmint rifle in 1992. He passed shorty after and his son and wife now run the joint. Great selection and the prices are so right that I don’t ever haggle or even shop anywhere else.


Tanners in Jamison Pa. but it’s crazy busy on weekends.