Gun smithing projects at the shop thread. 😁🇺🇸👍☣


Well, people ask what I do during the day besides for being awesome.
So here is my thread of what I am doing, have done, or will be doing. Do not get confused with “custom” guns… that’s a bit different. This is just going to be the daily stuff I find interesting.

First up, Uberti Colt clone looses the ejector housing screw. Customer wants it fixed… grab a #8-40 screw, throw it into the lathe and turn the head down. Next, cut it to length, blue it, lock tight. Ok, there was some fitting and deburing in there too.

Made sure it all fit before doing some finish work.

Happy customer. :+1:


We all have different ways of machining small screws to make repairs.

I use a small rod, drill a hole, tap it and use that to hold the fasteners in the lathe for modifications.

What method did you use to modify the small screws?


My lathe is able to take a collet. So I just squeezed it tight enough to spin it. I like your way though, faster than my set up that I used for a minute.