Gun supporters laugh at mandatory buybacks

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The plans of the crypt keeper of pushing gun control isn’t going to work. We’re not happy as a state, there’s talk about a recall. Nov. 2nd there was a freedom march in Madison, which I couldn’t make it to. But it went very well.


How can anyone buy back something that they never owned :thinking:


Precisely. I never asked them for permission and they never gave an OK. It was mine to own without any of that. And yes, they never owned it either. They can go pound sand.

I think that they think that they own them or are in control of them. They confuse us with the military.


That and it’s our own damn money they’d be using so we would essentially be paying for them twice. They can all go [spoiler]fuck[/spoiler] off.


I don’t think I would laugh. I take this kind of threat very seriously if you come for my lawfully own property you need to come very heavy because it will not end well for any of us .


The people supporting ‘mandatory buybacks’ (confiscation) have to be mentally ill, mentally handicapped, or horribly ignorant.

They seem to be incapable of understanding that confiscation has already been tried, and it did not turn out to be the solution that they think it is. In fact, it proved to be the cause of far more deaths than anyone could have predicted, in April of 1775.

Once the order is signed, they have to decide between accepting that the majority of gun owners will simply ignore their order (already proven with an attempt in Canada, probably occurred in Australia, and appears to be occurring again in New Zealand), or accepting that they are starting an actual war against a large army that will be using guerrilla tactics against them (already proven, here). No sane, logical person would want to put themselves into such a predicament.


nuff said

BTW, was driving through town yesterday, wife said she just seen a sign in the DNC window that read


I didn’t see it but googled it later, had no idea this even existed


I disagree. The anti-gunners are not stupid and they have a carefully orchestrated plan. Buybacks are just part of their long-term political strategy to further demonize law-abiding gun owners. They know that any “mandatory buyback” will never be successful. So, after a buyback program fails as predicted, they will say that gun owners are NOT law-abiding citizens and must be completely disarmed. This buyback scheme is just another incremental step towards removing our 2A rights altogether. Just my $0.02.


Yep. You nailed it.


And that’s when they have initiated yet another shot heard round the world. That is an incredibly stupid move on their part, especially after they have shown themselves for what they are with the sham Trump impeachment inquiry. Is there any sane person in the USA now who would allow those loons to dictate what they can have for self defense and defense against the persons trying to dictate the disarmament? Would anyone here?


I think it (mandatory buybacks) also would have to go through the courts before they could successfully attempt to brand us as criminal.


Right on @Joe


The courts take years. They will be calling us criminals in the press long and loudly before the courts rule on anything.


“Hi, I’m here from .gov to buy your car/house/groceries back from you. We took the calculated value(pennies on the dollar) plus any ‘administrative’ costs from your bank account. This is a ‘voluntary’ buy back. Simply take this check and hand over your belongings. Failure to do so is ‘volunteering’ for the armed men behind me escorting you to prison.”

I wonder how many ‘buy back’ supporters would be for that scheme???


This will be one area that having your identity stolen would be an advantage.
“No, I did not buy those evil firearms. It was the person who stole my identity. Can you help me find them?”



I hope you are right. But, by that time, wouldn’t the courts be stacked with liberals? Give the same result, only a little slower due to the extra step(s).


Reminds of what one of the Oregon’s Republican senators said to the dems:

“This is what I told the superintendent,” Boquist said, referring to OSP Superintendent Travis Hampton. “Send bachelors and come heavily armed. I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”


I feel so bad for Oregon and Washington state. Once you get out of the three counties Portland occupies and King co. Washington the rest of those states are Libertarian and center/center right. You know, people just like us who love America and the Constitution. Two beautiful states (more beautiful than CA in fact in my opinion) absolutely ruined by the communist far left. I call it the Colorado disease. The far left occupies I25 between Pueblo and Fort Collins and completely ruins Colorado. This disease has spread to northern New Mexico, you know the beautiful part of the state. Montana is next and Missoula is the ground zero for that disease–maybe with Helena included. Utah has some infected by the disease in SLC and St. George. Recently some lefties lost their elections in Idaho and turned some of that back from purple to red. There is a huge battleground happening in the political landscape of Idaho and so far we are winning. I just hope Oregon and Montana can be saved. Colorado and Washington are a lost cause at this point.

I digress. Imma bit off topic.


It’s been years since they had a gun buying program here in Maine. But I’ve been waiting for one. I intend to show up with cash in hand looking for bargains. I can beat the price paid through the doors if the gun tickles my fancy.