Gun supporters laugh at mandatory buybacks

I will sell my guns back “for gold coin”… :rofl: [spoiler]FUCK[/spoiler] YOU Thorkill, ya hack


Let me spane this to you Lucies,

When the CMP started it was with WWI and WWII firearms. which were all semi auto or bolt action… When you signed the papers to own one, like the Caliber 30, M1 I lost in a boating accident.
You had to sign a release that said If Uncle Sam ever needed that firearm. He would buy it back for what you paid for it.

NO M16s have been sold to the public via the CMP.
But the libtards think that ALL semi autos fall under this agreement.

Thus the “buy back” program is a lie, the sad part is they are lying to themselves, not Us.


Hell Ricky, I’m glad you did splane it, I never knew that part

I feel more idUkated now :+1:


Edgamacation be importrant, gots to have yer readin, riting, and arithman… math.