If your like me you have seen adds here on Full30 from a company called, and I thought to myself I wonder what doing business with them is like? Well on Sunday I went on to their website to see if they had anything of interest. In a word…WOW! They have quite a selection of firearms their. New, and used! Being the Black Friday weekend I noticed that they still had deals going on. They had lots of rare firearms in the used section including a Valmet hunter that is still on the website. I wasn’t in the market at all and then I clicked to the next page, and there it was. A poly tech AK-47 “spiked”. I tried for 4-5 hours telling myself I didn’t need to buy it, but the price was unbeatable, and unbelievable; so on Sunday I ordered it and today I picked it up.

The rifle shipped to me in a hard plastic case with corrosion inhibited paper.

And paperwork of the rifle being inspected and certified by

The rifle was as advertised excellent condition with no rust or scratches. The bluing was very glossy for an AK and the wood was beautiful.

All numbers match and the cleaning rod and cleaning kit in the stock are present and accounted for.

I honestly give an A+ on this one I couldn’t be happier with this transaction, so just in case you where wondering like I was; Yes they are good to go for doing business with.

As always be safe and have fun!

They can never take your talent.
Future of the AK market?



That’s good to hear but it sucks that I am spending gun money elsewhere at the moment. I have been enticed to build a 6.5 Grendel.
I will keep them in mind for later.


Mmmm, Grendal. it’s a great round.



wow! very nice!

great pictures, too!

thanks for sharing this with us.


It’s good to know the companies that are honest!


I got bit by the 6.5 Grendel monster big time too. I really wish I had joined that bandwagon years ago.


Thank you Brother! I just really wanted to get the word out about a good company. They are new to the market as far as I can tell, so I didn’t have any reference to their service. At least now we know!


That Valmet is still for sale. It was a hard toss up between the two, but the poly tech price tag was much, much lower than the Valmet.


it’s also much much less of a rifle than the Valmet


Nice! Thanks for the heads up on this company.


Normally not an AK fan but this post…sob…it gets to me


Ha ha! I got tears in my eyes I’m laughing so hard!


Nice score! Congratulations!


Thank you Brother!


Just when you think that a company couldn’t get any better, they send a hand written letter saying thank you for your purchase.

I can honestly say I’m looking forward to doing business with this company in the future.


Maybe we can get you in the next commercials :grin::grin:


Ha!! Yeah I’ll just fly down to Florida!