Guns for 18-21: How do you feel? (Old Guys Welcome)


At the ripe old age of 20, I’m in a strange spot. I can buy tobacco, but not alcohol. I can own a pistol, but I can’t buy one (practically speaking). I can buy “rifle” caliber ammo, but not “pistol” caliber ammo (which has created some awkward situations when buying .22LR). I own a pistol, but here in Georgia I can only keep it at home or in my car – no carry allowed, open or concealed.

Here’s the deal: I feel that if good ol’ Uncle Sam can legally draft me and send me off to die in WWIII, I should have full access to my 2nd Amendment rights. But a cousin of mine brought up a good point: folks my age aren’t as trustworthy or responsible as they used to be. He advocates raising the age of majority for everybody.

Thoughts anyone?


Why aren’t ‘folks’ your age trustworthy? In any event we were all born with the God (or natural) given right to protect our own lives, it isn’t a gift the government is giving you, it is a right that we already have. 2A is just expressing that the right already exists and can’t be taken from you. Any law that prevents you from purchasing any type of weapon or ammo is contrary to that right.


There is indeed a legal split across the board of when the Government considers you to be an adult. 18 for this, 20 for that and 21 for other things. I believe it should have one clear cut line. We could bicker back and forth about what that specific age is but ultimately it is just an arbitrary number that makes things simpler for that sake of government. If I had to pick a number? 20 years of age for everything. Personally, I’m constantly learning and remolding my thoughts as I go so if some one disagrees I would love to hear why and discuss it!


I just want the arbitrary numbers to be even across the board. You want gun ownership to be limited to 21 and up? Cool, now lets make voting, enlistment, smoking, and driving limited to 21 and up. I’d be okay with that. However, I believe that we should make 18 the big number. 18 to drive, 18 to vote, 18 to enlist, 18 to drink, and 18 to buy, own, and carry guns. There should be no reason that we’re deciding your an adult at 18, but then you’re really an adult at 21. It’s redundant.


I have a feeling the NRA lawsuit against Flordia will end up killing this regulation as unconstitutional. We can not be denied our rights based off age if we are adults by law. I’m in the same boat as you. 19 and would love a pistol to carry to protect my family (my dad is dissabled) yet I’m not allowed to because I’m not some random age that magically makes me “Mature”.


^ This, completely agree. Just pick a single number for everything and be done with it.


18 is an adult. Period. Deserve all the rights that the constitution sets forth.


If you can die for your coup try you should be able to exercise all of your. god given rights.


I’m 43 but I was getting paid by Uncle Sam to carry an M9, as a Marine MP (Jarhead5811), at 19. The idea that an 18 year old can serve in a capacity that requires the use of a weapon but doesn’t have the right to own one for their own self defense is idiotic.

I feel this especially applies to females. Who is the largest group that is preyed upon by sexual predators? I’d give it a SWAG* and guess 15-25yo females and there has been a huge #metoo movement supposedly dedicated to helping these women but the same leftist want them disarmed making them easy pickings, go figure.

*Scientific Wild Ass Guess


On the subject of military/LEO, here in Georgia age restrictions are lifted for most military and law enforcement. Actually, some interesting language was recently added to the O.C.G.A. (state law) that specifically exempts the State Patrol too – meaning that I may be able to carry soon. (I was just hired as a dispatcher… I doubt that it counts, but I can always hope…)

That said, it’s woefully ironic that 20 year old county sheriff recruits can carry sidearms while guarding inmates, and carry concealed off the clock, but the Feds won’t even let them buy a backup weapon or ammo from the store. I mean, that’s a contradiction if there ever was one.

“I guard the county jail. Yes, my mommy bought me a handgun for my birthday. No, it definitely wasn’t a straw purchase…”


Constitutionally: This law is unconstitutional and therefore illegal, and does not have to be obeyed. The US recognizes people as adults at 18 years of age, not 21. Additionally, this clearly violates the 14th amendment. It would be similar to legislating that ‘blacks can’t have guns’.

Ethically: All laws restricting the rights of humans to possess property (property rights) and defend themselves (the right to self defense) are wrong. Both of those rights are natural rights - rights that can never be taken from anyone ever.


No you make a good point. You’re old enough to take a bullet for your country in the line of duty, but not old enough to buy pistol ammo? Its like saying you’re old enough to kill for some politicians agenda in a war, but you don’t have the right to kill in self defense of your own life as a civilian. I think its BS. Personally I don’t believe in gun laws. They’re all just an infringement. I think the best way to deal with these little fuckers shooting up schools is to do like Blaine Gaskill did in Maryland and shoot the little bastards.


I know people who are 35 and aren’t ‘adult’. 18 is good to me.


you can vote fight and die for your country you get married and raise a family! But your not mature enough to own guns?Do bad guys turn good at 21 like that day? Or maybe @ 19and 364 days your irresponsible, but the next day your solid?18 all day long !!!


Put in those not so common sense gun control bills that the voting age needs to be 21. See how fast dems and libs go insane over that.


Driven crazy, as if they need to take a jorney to get to there!they don’t need to leave the driveway!:ram::sheep:they the sheep.


That issue came up in our state years back and I say the same now If your old enough to serve your old enough to own. though some back ground experience should be required such as gun classes. these are required for a first time hunting licence here. and It seems that quite a few city people are not familiar with firearms unlike the farming regions where I `m from most everyone grew up with firearm training


Makes me mad as hell. These young men can die for their country but are age restricted to purchase firearms, if I would have known what these liberals are doing to our country when I went to Asia, I would not have served!! The next flush you hear is the good ole US of A going down the toilet. Transgender individuals in the military, give me a break, I’d pay to see Gen George Pattons reaction to that. To those that served and didn’t come home I assure you this tropper will never forget you, RIP …


The crap coming out of state legislatures is completely out of line. You can take out a loan, buy a house, die for your country, but not own a long gun? Either you’re fully legal or you’re illegal as second class citizen status should’ve been done away with after ratification of the 13thA.


Having grown up in an earlier age, when the US was still mostly a free country, most everyone in the neighborhood had at least a .22 rifle when they were a lot younger than 18.
Nobody ever got in any kind of serious trouble either.
My parents let my younger brother and me take our guns out into the woods to hunt any time we wanted.
They knew they could trust us when we were only wee kiddies.
It was considered a point of honor to be a safe and straight shooter.
We might have been very young, but we didn’t act like it when we had our rifles and airguns in hand.
Age has less to do with it than how kids are raised.