Guns for 18-21: How do you feel? (Old Guys Welcome)


I’ve noticed through out my life that if a law, age restriction, or anything along those lines gets put in place no matter how obvious the law is someone somewhere has lost there freedom, and the law or restrictions will get worse. Is there good people that are 18? Yes. Is there bad people that are 18? Yes. Was ther good and bad 18 year olds in the 70’s, 60’s, 50’s?..Yes.
The next question is obvious. What has changed? The answer is gun free zones where created. Media is still media, they will do anything for a story, and always will. If we want to conserve our freedoms then freedoms must not have boundaries because that is where problems will occur.
Our options are

  1. Trust everyone to have there own due diligence. End gun free zones, and deal with problems as they happen.
  2. Continue with restrictions just like the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and you all know what road that leads us down.
    This Country use to run on the first option. The way I see things going is option 2.
    We need to band together and get motivated to call our representatives, and not say to ourselves “gun bans won’t happen” does 1994 to 2004 ring any bells?
    Bad things will always happen. That is life. If we give good people the tools to STOP bad people we can save an awful lot of life’s. Those who do not study history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them. A free man does not ask to protect himself, his family, or loved ones. Anything less than that IS slavery.


Who is the one to say who is trustworthy and who isn’t? The government. I think not! It is us who are trust worthy and that carry everyday that will make sure they become and stay trust worthy. So all in all I say our rights shall not be infringed!


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