Gunsmithing Hacks!


Ok Mr. Switchpod…as requested, this one is for you:

Grip Safety Disable on 1st Gen Springfield XD.
I do not know if any of the other gens/versions are the same since I haven’t been able to pull one apart yet.

Do not do this!
It will bypass a safety device on your gun.
If you do this, it, and everything that results from it is your fault and not mine!
I warned you!
I take no responsibility for YOUR actions since I do not and can not control YOUR actions!
You’ve been warned.)

First you must remove the pin that holds the grip safety in.

Drive it out from the left side.
The grip safety, pin and spring will fall out.

The spring applies tension to the grip safety and also locks the pin in place.
These are the parts:

(Note that the groove on the pin is slightly off-center. This groove has to align with the section of the spring that retains it. When you reinsert the pin, make sure it goes back in the right direction or the pin will move and end up sticking out the side of the grip frame.)

Now for the actual mod:
There is a shelf on the grip safety that stops the travel of the sear. Mine is already ground off, but if it was still present it would be located where the tip of my punch is pointing.

Once you grind it flush (and preferably polish it smooth like the one in the pic), it no longer blocks the sear, and allows it to move freely without interference.

You now reinstall it which can be a pain in the axle if you don’t follow my instructions.
Get a Qtip and chop off a piece that is exactly the width of the grip safety at the pin hole. Use this to retain the spring when you reinstall the grip safety (you can now thank me for this tip!)

You must orient the spring properly or it will not tension the grip safety and it will just flop around like a dying fish.

Note the position of the spring legs:

A little brighter exposure to see the second (short) leg easier.

Align the holes in the grip frame with the one in the grip safety and drive the pin back in, this will simultaneously push your piece of Qtip out…and voila! You now have a Springfield XD that functions like a Glock (with an extra appendage).

Function check the gun and make sure that all is good.

Remember, at no point do you want to modify anything inside the frame/trigger group. Only the grip safety itself. This will not affect anything critical and will allow you to replace one single part in the future if you ever want to go back to original.

Any questions or clarification…just ask!


Thank you for the info Brother!
An awesome hack as well! The detailed pictures help a ton.
Now to get an XDm 10mm


Oh, I wish I could afford it! Maybe someday…(sigh)

And thanks for the compliments!


I recently replaced my stock grip safety with a Springer Precision extended grip safety. HOLY CRAP that F***ING was an absolute PITA to get back in. It took a whole day and I bent one of my punches doing so. I love the new safety though. I’ve never understood why people hate on the grip safety of an XD. It’s self defeating, but I guess it’s just because it’s “not a glock”. I’ll remember that q-tip trick for next time!


So this came into the shop today and the owner wanted us to sell it on consignment
We refused and he a fit


They all look the same, whats wrong with it? :open_mouth:


Zoom in
It’s a screw build


Ho my God! Not cool at all! Very dangerous!!!


AK’s need to flex and wiggle. The secret to all of this is the leaded rivet. If you use a bolt it will hog out the holes and come apart if it’s to ridgid.


Upon inspection it was all loose as well
It had been recently fired as well
A field gauge closed on it with ease


Oh great a time bomb AK!


Seems to be alot of those going around, good thing Israel fixed the issue.


Once again ignorance
This was someone who bought a 74 kit and didn’t posses the skills to build it correctly

The akm unlike the ar takes skill to build properly
Your average joe isn’t sitting at his kitchen table putting LEGO’s together


I really want another AK74. That stings to see.


I agree


AR15s are much easier to build, thats a good thing. You drink the kool aid too much , comrade. An AK takes actual work to build and after youve spent day (s) building it you still have a trash can rifle that is only capable of hitting a house…at 10 feet. If you are trying to pick up goats or cruise around with the local camel club its a good choice though.


Here’s another one that came in the other day
Sadly this one is unsalvageable
A bubba thinking he was a smith image


What the F!
I mean really dude what where they trying to accomplish? Getting to the threads? You went way to far!


They used a bench grinder to remove the shroud so they could thread the barrel
He didn’t want to spend the 150 dollars I quoted him to do the job


What a goofball.
And now I know that I charge way to little for that mod.