Guy shoots Moose in self defense. Would you survive in the middle of the woods being attacked?


( you know that would have only taken one shot if he’d have been using a .45🙂 especially out of a 1911)

The merits of the caliber debate with modern ammunition

Best comeback I’ve heard all week!


Yea , I would much rather have a 10mm in that situation.


Yeah… there was no need to shoot that moose. Guy should have known better… given the moose time to get off the trail. Sad story.


WOW, he did exercise patience,


The moose or the asshole shooting the moose?


wasn’t impressed I gather,

It was sad to see it fall, I suppose had the man exercised more patience the moose may have left the trail altogether.


The guy should not have shot the moose, ive held back from shooting armed tweekers out in the woods, he can hold back from shooting a moose. Self control and a little decency go along way…damn it, now you made me go and sound like my grandpa.


Maturity is not for the timid


Yeah there was a big uproar when this first came out a few years back. That jackass could have just waited… turned off his sled even. Obviously the snow was very deep, the moose panicked. Hey, moose are dangerous… but they are not bears. He pushed that moose from the beginning. I think he was charge with a crime even. Not sure on that… will have to look it up.


I could not find the information on whether or not the guy was charged with a crime.


Ive only had two brownies close enough to worry me and that was up in Alaska. Most aggressive animal ive had come at me around here was a badger that wanted to goto hell, i probably put close to a whole mag of 9mm in that little bastard and he kept coming, damn near got me to lol I also been attacked by wild dogs …Oregon is pretty chill unless you aggrevate the mountain lions or meth monkies


He could have fired a warning shot , probably would have scared the moose off.


Moose aren’t afraid of hardly anything and they kill more people than any other animal in North America.


Moose can definitely be dicks but I think meth monkies kill more.


You could look at this the same way as any other shooting.

  1. Who was the aggressor - the man was the initial aggressor - he was harassing the moose. He could have easily turned around and waited it out.
  2. Was he in fear for his life? - maybe, but the moose had already backed off before he even drew his gun, so I say not so much.

Conclusion - the guys an asshole and should have been arrested.


I agree 100%


Keep in mind though, moose probably tastes a lot better than the average schmuck you would kill in a self defense situation…just sayin…


9mm Glock model 19!

The merits of the caliber debate with modern ammunition

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