Guy shoots Moose in self defense. Would you survive in the middle of the woods being attacked?


You should start a cooking show! maybe Jeffrey Dahmer can get some work release from prison and co-host with you


Hey yeah. We have a food cooking section too. I could do a “Have your friends for dinner” pod cast with TR.
it even tackles the prison reform issue if you consider death row kinda like a beef ranch.



Did you hear about the cannibal that passed his grandma in the woods?


If that guy had a real set of balls, he would have thrown a saddle, or at least a blanket on that moose and rode it out of the woods.




Sorry just a bad joke.
He’s a cannibal and he “passed” :poop: his grandma in the woods.

Jr. High. I know. I apologize.


Lmao, on a sad note for your podcast, I heard Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten and tortured to death in prison so it may be a little difficult to get him to appear on your show


Or tenderized? :thinking:


Not sure, maybe ask Dear Abby lol


Quiji board might help with that.


At least you can eat a moose…